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Arrested for hash possession in CA. 11357 (A) HS

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bong666, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. thursday I was booked for possession of a small amount of hash less than 2 grams. ATM I'm out on $10,000 bail.

    All the research I've done so far points to this being a felony with up to a year in jail and has left me TERRIFIED. This is the first time I've been arrested A felony for such a small amount of hash seems insane to me.

    ====Yes I have Medical marijuana recommendation from Sona patel M.D.==== the cops said well this ain't marijuana :(

    Does anyone have any experience with this kind of case? Any idea about what kind penelties I'm facing? I'm freaking out right now and any help would be much appreciated.
  2. If you have a doctors script, before this occurred there's a more than strong possibility the case will be thrown out. Although concentrates are not covered under your card, it still has the active component of THC in it. Just get a good lawyer and you'll spend no time in jail. You just have to show the liable reason to have need for a concentrate rather than just bud. My friend was pulled over probably 3 months ago with over 10gs of concentrates and all charges were dropped after he simply showed the judge mri, and said the bud wasn't strong enough so he needed stronger meds, rather than using hard core pain killers. If you don't have a serious alignment you must say you had a very high tolerance, an believed since it was sold in a dispensary that it was covered under prop 215. Best of luck to you in your case; remember a good lawyer is the difference between jail time and no time.
  3. Hash is still medical marijuana, it's just medical marijuana that has some of the plant matter removed. That's what I would of told the cop.
  4. take a couple of packages of cold medicine to court.
    open one, pull all the caplets out of the foil backed bubble packaging, place caplets in a pile next to the packaging,
    next, place teh unopened box next to the set of piles...
    now, ask the Judge if the medicine removed from the package is no longer cold medicine, due to its packaging being removed...

    hash is nothing more than the trichomes from the plant...the 'caplets' have been removed from the 'package' material but the 'medicine' is still the same.

    hell, take some mmj, some buckets, ice, and a set of bubble-hash bags...make some bubble hash right in front of the judge so he/she can see that the hash is nothing but MMJ with most of the plant matter removed...or that judge will go on record claiming ice+pot = a different substance, and look like a fool (like beer in a bottle is a different substance when that beer is pored into a glass...:p)
  5. THIS is your recommending doctor:

    I-Team investigation: Who is Doc 420? 11/24/07 |

    Dr Sona Patel | Prescribing pot in high heels - Los Angeles Times

    She's the EPITOME of a bad pot-doc. BUT maybe she'll come through for you in court, though I honestly doubt it.

    NOW as to your charges - concentrates are covered under SB 420, so you should be OK in court unless you had a lot, which you said you didn't. Don't EVER go by what a police officer (or LEO) says is the law, usually they're more ignorant than you'd think. Get a lawyer, check out ASA or NORML to find one in your area, though you're in LA, shouldn't be too hard. I would recommend either Bruce or Allison Margolin. A good lawyer who specializes in MMJ cases should be able to get you off without any indictments or jail time.

    Good luck
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    will check out those lawyers thanks if you guys know more lawyers who specializes in MMJ cases please tell me.will it help if i get a second recommendation from someone else? Hash is more effective for anxiety/backpain and my nausea rather than just the bud.
  7. my bro said ill be good with my recommendation and no lawyer. I think i need a lawyer what should i do?
  8. Get a lawyer, get some research and build your defense.
  9. Yes :) Additional supporting information for the OP can be found here:

  10. Uh, you should hire a lawyer. will suggest a good one. You were actually booked?

    Where you smoking it in public ? Was it visible to the police ? Did you have your reccomendation on you?

  11. And you would have been laughed at. It's a felony for the simple fact that it has to be made so is therefore a manufactured narcotic like H
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    I'm gonna make 2 copies of my doctor's recommendation and Attorney General Opinion 03-411 which states that the "Compassionate Use Act also exempts the use of concentrated cannabis (C.C.), or "hash," from criminal sanctions" for the DA and the judge... will a public defender help me with this info?

    no i was not smoking :(
  13. It could be worse I got a dui just for having my card. The cop saw it and immediately "smelled a strange odor". My bloodlevels of thc were so low that the millitary wouldn't discharge you for drug use if caught but I was somehow "intoxicated"

  14. that sucks dude. well the cops lost my ID i'm gonna have to go to the DMV to get a new 1 BS:mad:
  15. yeah thats like the cops to arrest you for a legal medicine not mentioning the added stress to ones daily life because of it. what utter bullshit!!!
  16. IMO many cops do not get into the job to "serve the public" and "protect public safety." They are either in it for the money or for the 'power' they have over most of the general public.

    I cannot say for 100% that these are the only reasons, but the way most of them act this would be a logical conclusion. There are certainly a good portion that are good decent cops. And another portion that are brainwashed by their training programs. Nothing we can do about that.

    I hate to be one of those "fuck the police" guys....But Fuck the Police.

    It seems like you have a handle on your situation so not much else I can add.
  17. Right on man fight the system stand up for your rights.
  18. Yes sir I will

  19. Regarding the manufacturing aspect of hash...
    isn't blonde hash just compressed trichomes? That's like shaking a flower and smoking the pollen.
  20. Honestly idk how they would treat it I'm sure that it is up to the officers discretion but imo it probably falls under concentrate because their assholes

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