Arrested for 1 gram... sheesh

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  1. today i was rolling a joint. and i guess this guy walking by thought i was doing something "suspicious" but i didnt even know he saw me until the cop showed up (i have very tinted windows). so this cop pulled up next to me, and i gave him the weed (only 1 gram). and he sais im gonna be put on probation...

    wtf? i live in norcal btw. does anyone know whats really gonna happen?
  2. Possession of a gram in Northern Cali?


    Uhh... to be honest, judging from what I've seen posted from other Californians, you won't be put on probation...

    But my insight is invalid, seeing as I have never been arrested for a gram of bud while in Northern California. LOL!

  3. exactly! im pretty sure it will just be community service?
  4. i cant believe they bothered in nor cal. ull probably get a ticket.
  5. ??? Your post says nothing about getting arrested. I don't think they'll do anything too harsh. Maybe a ticket or something.
  6. the title did... which is part of my post.
  7. Yea, you didnt even get arrested. Or did you actually go to the station and all that shit ??
  8. I live in nor-cal. Less than an 1/8 is a straight up ticket. Theres no room for ANYONE else in the jails of california right now. There letting multiple DUIers out because there's no room. They don't care about pot. Also, if you live in nor-cal you should just get your medical card. It's like $150 and you can have up to 4 oz. dried and 6 plants, and its all legal in Cali.

  9. I am ridiculously jealous of everyone living in Cali right now.
  10. You and me both.
  11. toss me in there! i almost skipped out on my plane ticket home from lake tahoe..

    but dude, if that cop rolled up on my i would eat a joint. or just be like dude, this guy just tried selling me a crack rock and walked by. i said no, and he called the cops.
  12. Lol,goddammit thats not even fair.Cali or bust,haha:hello:
  13. dude, isnt bud decriminalized under an ounce here?

    and yeah, cali rocks you guys :p .
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    In California, possession of less than 1 ounce is a less than $100 ticket that adds up to around $300-400 after court fees are added up, your license will be suspended for 1 year and the charge is cleared from your record after 2 years. They will offer you a deferment program where you will have less penalty and will require less money so you will inevitably take the deferment program and take a 6 hour class with 40 or so other people that got pinned for the same damn thing.

    As long as you weren't charged for intent to traffic drugs or are caught with less than an ounce, you are in the clear.

    You can get a card for around $100 pretty easily in California but the government keeps record that you are a MMJ patient and some federal jobs will check if you have a card or not.

    It is in the sense that the punishment is a slap to the wrists compared to what other states have as punishment. MOST cops will not show interest in charging people for possession of marijuana(for example: one time my friends and I were smoking at a park near homes and we were really loud and sure enough a cop comes and he just tells us to leave on his megaphone and drives away instead of busting us when we were clearly smoking weed) but there will always be that one cop that thinks he is doing justice by fully charging people for possession.
  15. me three

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