Arrested Development

Discussion in 'General' started by arefx, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Anyone else love this show? I'm watching it now and I cant stop laughing.

    Deff. check this show out if you havent yet. Its not on tv any more but u can rent or buy all three seasons.
  2. Oh man. This is my all time favorite show. As soon as I saw one episode I watched all 3 seasons. Absolutely brilliant. Too bad an intelegent show like that gets canceled and the same fucking reality shows with different names go on for ever.

  3. So very true.
  4. Yeah, how does Fox cancel a show like Arrested Development and then put on the reality bullshit that they do.

  5. The show went way over mosts head, but is/was FUNNY w/o puke or poo jokes.

    Beware the killer seal. What's that guy w/the hook. Just hilarious. I can't stop laughing. "never nude" The banana hut burning down. OH and ellens girlfriend.
  6. BUSTER!!!
  7. Gob gets me. His magic music is so epic. Plus the whole jail thing, and the bob loblaw law blog
  8. One of my favorite series, I own all three seasons on DVD. I'm looking forward to seeing that movie Superbad with George-Michael. If you're an AD fan you should check out Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    My favorite ongoing joke is..

  9. It's still playing on my local television channel every day at like, 6:00pm or something :p
    But I don't follow it, I just see various episodes.

    How the fuck can people NOT get it?
    How fucking moronic is this generation, it's brilliant satire..which is also very OBVIOUS.
  10. This is, I think, one of the best shows around.

    In the Courtrooms, the only presidents on the wall are Nixon, Regan, and Bush.

    George Bluth sound familiar?
  11. I love te free bird illusion.

    "I think they came for the free chicken!"
  12. death by hair plugs
  13. Tobias: I think he has the OC Disorder

    or what about this

    Michael: maybe you should take a date up to the cabin.

    Lucille: How am i ever gonna get anybody to go into that musty old clap trap


    Michael: oohh right the cabin
  14. :smoking:
  15. look at this guy. :laughing:
  16. I only saw a few episodes of Arrested Development, but the ones I saw were really good. Although I didn't regularly watch it, I did appreciate its humor and good writing.

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