Arrested... and screwed for life.

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  1. I was arrested yesterday (2 days before my b-day) around 5 p.m. bailed out by my uncle and released around 4 a.m. It was definitely the worst experience of my life but I'm more worried about my record. I have many ambitions. I planned on joining ROTC and someday working for the U.S. State department. Now it seems I will never be able to accomplish those dreams. I was charged with Possession of Marijuana 2nd degree. I've never been arrested before and am completely in the dark and to be honest scared. I guess I'm writing this for hope, and advice. I feel like my life is completely ruined.
  2. felony or misdemeanor
  3. Misdemeanor. This is only my first offense. Yet still everyone tells me that with it on my record It'll forever haunt me.
  4. Just how much pot did you get busted with man?

    If we're talking small time weigh like an ounce or under, you're not in much trouble.

    If we're talking several ounces or even a pound or more, then I dunno man, depends on where you live and what sort of judge you get.

    Good luck bro.
  5. Oh lol relax bro it's cool.

    A misdemeanor should drop off your record in a few years.
  6. What you need to do is come to California. They don't give a shit about that kinda stuff. Not sure how it works with the military but so far as the regular work-force goes, every position I've ever applied for asks one question, "Ever been convicted of a felony? Disregard if the offense was marijuana related or older than two years" or something like that.

    So yeah. Come out here! It's puh-retttttty chill.
  7. if its your first offense you will get probation and it will come off your record
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    I want to. After sitting in a southside Birmingham jail, I've concluded that this is not a nice place to live. The inmates were fine (some). But the officers were so fucking mean. All for a DIME bag!

  9. I hope so man, thanks.
  10. What your gonna do is: not even waste your time paying for a lawyer, a public defender can handle this......then go have a meeting with the D.A. Chances are if you are serious about your future ambitions the D.A. will probably drop it down to a forfiture. Tell your "lawyer" that you'll go to a drug class and pay the fine if your record is EXPUNGED. you have to use that word. dont go for a deferred judgement because then it will always still be on your record they will just say it was dissmissed. Got pulled over 2 years ago for 13.4grams high grade nuggs. They just came after me for it this fall and it was a misdemeanor. (good thing the dealer shorted a lil cuz 14gram is felony in wisconsin. anyways the DA said he would settle out of court for 4 months jail... i said fuck that and went and talked to him lawyer or public defender. Got it dropped to a forfiture of 500$, and later the judge even reduced that....what im getting at is your fine man. You might not even have to go to court but once if your defender just talks to the DA one on one
  11. wow only a dime bag man your 110% all good! how much did it weigh? what was your bail if anything

  12. I hope that works. Alabama is very unforgiving. But it sounds like it would.

    I was lucky. My uncle is a retired Birmingham Detective so I got bail for free. Idk how much it weighed, it wasn't mine. It was the guy's in the car with me. But he got out of it... I didn't
  13. Your first mistake is living in Alabama.

  14. We don't all have a choice my friend. :(
  15. what the fuck, a DIME bag?
    come to canada, were chill as fuck over here !

  16. really? I got arrested in Wyoming(got taken to a montana jail) and the cops werent really assholes. I'm kinda surprised about your experience. i expect to be treated well when I get arrested! lol
  17. ROTC should'nt be a problem. If it is, you can just skip ROTC and enlist with a recruiter later, if that's what you were aiming for.

    Unless you have a felony or a serious medical condition, they have waivers to push you through.

    I know firsthand, I just got out of the military less than a year ago.
  18. Seriously... Alabama. That's the South for you. California is really relaxed about that though...
  19. Word. I live up here in BC and I can't even imagine being arrested for a dime bag. Hell I could probably drop a dime bag in a cop's lap up here and he wouldn't do shit, cuz if he arrests me he has to do all the paperwork and put me in the cell and all that shit, which costs money, and time.

    Plus weed is dirt cheap up here, hehehe:D:smoke:
  20. If it was your friends, why did you get charged for it ?

    Sucks man... best advice I could give is get a good lawyer.

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