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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sublizzie, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. A few days ago me and my buddy were drivin to my house and had our windows down cause it was pretty damn hot that day. As we're at a red light, 2 chicks cruise by in a little truck with their windows down, so i called the one a slut as they drive by.

    Well, the chick who i called a slut from my friends car watched us drive to my house, so they came back later and egged thwe shit out of his car. After about 10 minutes cleaning time, we thought of where this truck could be, so we went lookin for it. After about an hour of lookin, we finally decided to stop lookin and toke a bowl in an alley.

    The first 3 bowl went smoothly and we're both pretty baked, but we decide to smoke one more. As the bowls-a-blazin' i noticed an old dude in his white truck comin down the alley on his cell phone, he turned right before he got to us and i said, "Damn that would fuckin suck if he was on the phone with ther cops" my buddy agreed and we both laughed.

    Down to the last toke and we're just about to leave, but my buddy says, "One more?" bein stupid enough i say yes and we begin tokin' again. Ok, we're done. We start the car and are about to back up and i look at my buddy and hes lookin in the mirror sayin "Oh fuck man, look!" so i look and its the cops, 2 cruisers.

    The cops approches my buddy's window and knocks, so he opens the door and all thwe smoke went into the cops face. The cop takes my friend behind his car and puts him in cuffs and tell me to stay where i am and not touch anything. He didnt know, but my bag of goodies with my pipe, herb, lighter, visine, etc. was under the seat, so as stupid as i am i glance back at the cop so see if he's lookin and decide to try and hide the bag under the dash (his dash comes apart and u can lift it) so i rip it open and throw the bag in. I turn around only to see the fuckin' pig look and laughin away at how stupid i am - he was watchin the whole time.

    The cops sog comes and smells out my friends weed and his bong, then the cop puts me in cuffs and throws us both in the back of the cop car.

    My friend and i are both gettin' charged with posession under 30 grams and have a court date comin up in about 15 days, thus why i hate cops.
  2. It wasn't the cops fault that you were in a public place smoking illegal weed!!!!
  3. Too bad man. In Canada you don't even get a ticket anymore.
  4. I live in Alberta, Canada

    weed is still illegal.
  5. I know you know weed is illegal.....

    But don't complain when you get caught for doing illegal stuff in a public place...

    I'm not trying to be harsh... Just you should know when you do something like that....... sooner or later you'll get caught!
  6. I agree with budhead, its CERTAINLY not right, but you gotta live with it and abide by the rules till its legal.
  7. jeeze, all u guys seem pretty up tight?...

  8. nah... they just find no reason to rag on some one who's onnly doing thier job... though everyone has thier own opiions.....

    and remember....
    this is one of the most relaxed places on the net......
  9. its kinda funny cause i had a similair experience i live in pei canada, a cop caught me and my friend toking on a joint, he stoped turned around then turned on the lights. we were ooo fuck, but the cop told us to take our shit someplace else, only reason we got off was becuase pei is a small place and the cop happened to be my old hockey coach lol

    but i'm thinking of becoming a cop, mind you i am against the useage of hard drugs (hard drugs = anything you can od on) i simpley would of asked for a puff :smoking:
  10. Why did you call that chick a slut in the first place? I think it's all your fault really.. If you hadn't of called her a slut, the car wouldn't have gotten egged, you guys wouldn't have been out and about lookin for it, prolly wouldn't have ended up in that alley at that time.. And, yeah, you shouldn't have called her a slut.
    I think you got what you deserved. This is a good example of why I don't smoke in cars.
  11. thats so gay! thats sucks madd dick! hope the judge goes easy on u!!
  12. ok, Mr_Criminal, Mr hardcore
    share some of ur badass criminal stories

    same with u kind of bongish, how can u guys be such the stoners u think u r if u havent been busted?

  13. Some of us have never ben busted.. getting busted doesn't make you a stoner....

    Some of us really like not getting into trouble with the law! We like to smoke and enjoy ourselves.....

    Smoking or not.......calling girls sluts or doing other people wrong in anyway is childish..
  14. i wasnt doing anyone wrong at all, u think that chick gave a fuck if i called her a slut, ive seen the bitch a couple times already since.
  15. Let me get this right....

    She didn't egg the car because you called her a slut???

    It doesn't matter if she did or not.... If you don't respect others, you can't expect to get respect!!!!!!!
  16. Recently I've been toking a lot in the car. It was broad daylight and we're at a stop light with a million cars, and the dude driving it toking up. I was like, "Dude, shouldn't we like, not do it all in the open?" He said, "No man, I do this all the time." So we drove around the lake a bunch of times, bowl after bowl. Well, his SUV has tinted windows in the back, so that might have helped...but still, you gotta be careful when you toke in public.
  17. if you get caught by the police you're either:

    -not thinking (not that unusual when stoned :) )
    -very unlucky

    in either case, simple precautions would be enough to not get caught. luck favours the well prepared.

    edit: never been caught in my 10+ years of herbsmoking
  18. What the fuck were they hurting? Two guys sitting peacefully in an alley, could have been smoking cigarettes, what would have been the difference? Gee sarge, we could probably look for real crimes like assaults and rapes, but nah lets look for some kids minding their own business. FUCK this government in its stupid ass.
  19. in my opinion i think u shudn't of got nabbed by feds man. i dont really like them and the way they act thinkin they can have any1 up wen they wear that gay uniform of theirs. it's not as if u were harming any1 or making a racket outside regardless of the fact that it was a public place, everywhere outside is a bloody public place and its heavy tokin in cars wid bedrins anyway. its silly how they arrest peeps 4 minor tings like that wen all ur lookin 2 do is havin a bit of fun and gettin stoned! well ne ways, keep the tokin up . . . next time, make sure the dirrrty pigs dont get the chance 2 catch ya! ;)

  20. true.
    the first thing after he arrested my buddy he said was "don't u think we have better things to be doin? i said "fuck ya ppl r gettin stabbed and banks could be gettin robbed and u bust 2 guys who are only harming (if at all) themselves.

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