Arrested a marijuana dealer today

Discussion in 'General' started by Omega369, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Today I arrested a marijuana dealer today, but I feel like it was totally justified. First off, I'm not a cop, but I'm not a security either. My job title sits sorta somewhere in between. Best way to explain it is a hospital officer. I can make arrest on warrants, carry weapons/handcuffs, have a cruiser, pretty much exactly exactly what a police officer does but just restricted to a hospital. We still report to the main police branch in my city. There is an exact name for my job title, but due to identification reasons I'd rather not say because only a few cities have officers working in hospitals. The tests I had to go through were less vigorous which resulted in me never getting drug tested.

    For the past couple months or so, some of the patients in the psychiatric units were getting ahold of marijuana. These units consist of people diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar, depression (suicidal), etc. Weed was having extremely negative effects on the patients, especially when combined with their meds. It made psychosis states get insane to the point where one patient smashed his head through a shatter proof window and almost died. Depressed people were using it as a crutch and brought out underlying anxiety issues which meant more meds.

    I've been investigating for months interviewing patients (which I get along with most of great and have huge respect for them), and finally honed it down one suspect who was identified by multiple patients willingly. He was an outside guy with no mental illness who constantly visited the units and smuggled in drugs. It's super easy to do because visitors are not searched on entry, and stuff like cigarettes always gets brought to patients.

    I put a red flag next to the visitors name so I get a notification when he checks in on the computers to visit the psych unit. Today the dispatch center got the red flag notification and I got dispatched to the unit and pulled the guy aside. One perk I get working in a hospital more than regular police officers is I can conduct a search without a warrant. I got the visitor to stand with legs spread and hands on the wall as I went through his backpack. Stupid me should have patted down his body too but got distracted by finally figuring out who the idiot dealer was. There was bags of weed in his backpack. Due to nurses and staff being around, I had to seize the weed for a short while until they were not around so I could return it to the guy, just to cover my ass.

    I pretty much told him exactly what was happening. It was making mental illnesses worse which made it an unsafe environment for staff, patients, visitors and myself. I explained how I am totally fine with marijuana, it's just selfish taking advantage of patients to make some money off in exchange for their health. I issued a trespass act notice (Can't return in 2 years unless as a patient) and told him I will return his "property" once off property after I escort him off.

    This guy was so ignorant and totally flipped out causing this huge tough guy scene calling me a pig and said "I have a gun on me and I will kill you" while pointing at his waist. I drew my firearm as first reaction, not only to make myself safe but everyone else (also a few kids visiting patients on the unit) safe as well. I instructed him to put his hands on his head and brought him to the ground. I patted down his body and pulled out a large hunting knife from his waist. He had no gun but the knife was enough to make an arrest for. I applied handcuffs and escorted him to my cruiser. During all this he was yelling and screaming saying stuff like "Fucken pig, I hope you and your family die, I'll find and kill all of you". I threw him into the back of my cruiser explained his charges, reason for arrest and his rights. Then I explained to him how things could have gone differently if he didn't act like a prick, he would have got his weed back and not been slammed with charges and possible jail time. Nothing seemed to register this guys head, then he spit at me, which unfortunately seems to be my trigger point because that's the ultimate form of low in my opinion. I threw the guy back out of the cruiser onto the cement and rammed my knee into his back extremely hard as I applied a spit mask. He started yelling shit like "You fucken pigs always abusing your power". I felt bad for doing that and I'm an extremely non-violent person, but I finally had it with this guy.

    I took him down to the station and filled out the paper work placing as many charges as possible. The number of charges reflects the judges opinion for the punishment, and I felt this guy needed to serve some sort of jail time away from the public. I finished up and put the knife and weed into evidence lockup, dropped my gear off at my locker back at the hospital and headed home. I had a couple bowls and now I'm watching South Park on Netflix as I type this.

    TLDR: Idiot selling weed to psych patients, arrested him with my firearm drawn due to threats of bodily harm with an illegal weapon. Handcuffed, got spit at, abused my power a bit, got home, smoked two bowls, watched South Park as I made this thread.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, please do not talk about the meds mentioned. It's against forum policy.

    Omega369 :wave:
  2. Wow what a dick you even gave him an out..i hate people like that also he would rather keep his "pride" than be cool and realize he fucked up..i would have done the same thing
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    So let me get this right.

    You think the marijuana is causing these patients to go crazy? You said it yourself that they are all on meds. MEDS MAN!!!. pharmaceuticals are the prime cause for most mass shootings...obviously they are causing these patients to have a psychiatric reaction in a negative way. Marijuana does not cause people to react that way. You being a smoker should know that.

    And congrats on locking a guy away for selling a peaceful herb that you smoked right after you arrested him for selling it. And you think you did good? you did the complete opposite. Imgaine if someone tried to arrest you for smoking weed..You sound just like every other power hungry fool that is enslaving himself to this system for some printed paper.

    Disrespect is not tolerated here -WW
  4. Yeah, He defiantly deserved it. All the run in's I've had with the police they were cool so i cooperated.
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    Dude, your dumb.

    OP, good work, that dealer sounded like a douche and you scooped him up like a pro!

    Two wrongs don't make a right - disrespect/name-calling is not allowed -= WW
  6. scooped him up like a pro huh? yea sure, lets just keep throwing people in jail. Its not like the US doesnt have the highest amount of jailed persons in the world. pffft.

  7. The man also had a knife on him? What do you need a knife in a hospital for?

  8. :rolleyes: This guy.
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    Hmm, not bad, but still fairly easy to see through.

    i.e I'm skeptical.
  10. If I was in his position I would do the same thing, I mean he DID spit at him. That's just the lowest you can go and yes the herb can cause people who already have problems like listed above to become worse or bring out illnesses that maybe you didn't know you had yet. The herb affects everyone differently but you can't get mad at him for arresting some scumbag like that.
  11. Thats what im saying dude.
  12. I can't blame you for that. As long as you offered the out like you say with no real bad punishment and no property lost any person with half a brain would shake your hand and say thank you sir and be on your way.
  13. Youre just full of propaganda arent you..sounds like op knows the effects of marijuana on certain patients which are medically proven and sounds like you dont know shit except weed is magical and fixes everything

  14. "You're dumb"
  15. why dont you show me some proof that marijuana causes people to go crazy?
  16. The guy deserved it. If I were in OP shoes and was spat at after saying I would return the goods, id have driven out to the middle of nowhere and beat the shit out of him. Especially after threatening my family.

    @ Omega The world needs more people in charge like you and less like Tmoe. Marijuana doesnt cause psycological conditions but it does exagerate them. If you are a psycho to start with you should stay away from weed. I love the fact you gave him a chance and its deffo his own fault he blew it.

  17. Doesnt, it brings out underlying psychological issues.

  18. Im pretty sure marijuana is better and healthier then all meds that hospital is giving their patients combined. Man Made pharmaceuticals are more influential on the mind then you know.
  19. depressant+depressed people=no good man

    There are some things in this world and some people that herb doesn't mix with. Normally when a person is in that ward it's because they have been put there for good reason, and I'm not saying they are bad people by any means just were dealt some bad cards in life.

  20. Hey man, my life mantra is 'Fuck apostrophes'

    Don't hate :D
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