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Around New Jersey

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DehydratedLama, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Im new to smoking weed and I want to know the prices up here during the winter time. I know some people that I can buy off of but do not know what they would charge. If anyone knows what the prices would be like up here I would appreciate it especially from someone from Newjersey.
    Ps. I know this is my first post and not a good one but made it worth it for me anyways. :p
  2. I'm from Central Jersey, on the shore and prices for around here for Good Dank goes as follows

    1g - $20
    3.5g - $50/$60
    7g - $100/$110 (depends on who you get it from)
    14g -$210/$220
    28g- $400/$420
  3. Big daddy pretty much sumed it up
  4. damn move to south jersey were a bit cheaper
  5. I live in north Jersey and the prices are relatively the same.
  6. Dank bud in central jersey

    20 a g

    65 a eight

    120 a quater

    so on

    and mids whatnot is 10 ounce is like 150 prob.

  7. Ya South Jerz FTW
  8. central ftw :smoking:

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