Around a $500 Budger, what to get?

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  1. My roommates and i are all going in on something to smoke out of/with next year and we're wondering what to get? We're thinking a couple of nice bongs, one really nice bong or a volcano. Advice?
  2. I'd personally go for one nice bong. You could get a really nice Sheldon Black for probably $400 or so. I personally don't like vaporizing all that much, just is not my thing so I'm a bit biased. I also love Sheldon Black pieces so I'm biased in that respect as well.
  3. Hm.. that's a hard question. In all honesty the volcano is the better buy, and you'll appreciate it more in the long run, I think. One thing I've learned is that bongs come and go, and it just takes one stupid friend or one stoned mistake and that bong is gone forever.

    That being said, I love bongs though and I love buying new glass. If I had a $500 budget I might get a couple of nice bongs or a really nice piece with some accessories or something, like an ashcatcher.
  4. I for sure wouldn't dump all the money into one piece. You should diversify in a few different things. If people don't already have bowls and bubblers get a few, a nice bong or two, and a vap if you prefer. 500 can go a long way imo.
  5. Volcano all the way :)
  6. hmmm 500....i say just get like 10 blowjobs
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    or a nice escort for 3 hours :)
  8. 1 PurpleDays Vape
    1 Sweet bong
    a cool bowl
  9. I feel completely opposite. I had the volcano, and it was pretty sweet, but if I had that money, I would buy a really nice tube. I would suggest an SG. You can find a fixed stem, or a single chamber SG in that price range. That is my opinion personally because after vaping and smoking for years, I have come to appreciate glass a lot more. However, if you really want a vape, just get a cheaper one, (but still high quality) such as the vaporbros.
  10. get a cheap vape like Da Buddha and spend the rest on some quality bud
  11. for 500 dollars at NY Gifts (6th ave), I purchased a Toro circulator a/c and a 7mm stemless US Tubes. best glass purchase of my life, you wont regret it.

    i have a thread about it somewhere
  12. get Da Buddha and a decent single chamber tube and an GonG vape adapter and take vapor rips or one person could use the vape while another uses the tube
  13. some glass and a zip of dank
  14. Get a vape!

    Then an oz of some dank ^_^

  15. I was going to reccommend the exact same thing. US Tubes are the best daily drivers out there, and pick up a nice ashcatcher for the option of some extra filtration. I'd reccommend a stone glassworks if you could pick one up, Preston is a beast.
  16. volcano it will double your weed trust me and u can bake with the vape poo
  17. 2 ft 18.8 Stemless MGW with gridcap to 10 arm tree perc and splash gaurd and ice notches to hold a foot of ice. Oh, Matching worked bowl, perc and sg.
  18. volcano no questions.
  19. get a toro :D just make sure your friends wont break it because they B-E-A-utiful lol
  20. Da Buddha Vaporizer ~ $140
    Downstem Attachment ~ $15
    Magic Flight Launch Box ~ $90
    Nice glass bong ~ $100

    Spend the rest on some nice green to use in above products. =) With this setup you'll have a solid bong, home vape and portable vape, and you'll even be able to hook your bong up to your brand new Da Buddha.

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