Aroma Classic Vaporizer In-Depth Review (Amazing little vap!)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Steinwayz, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. wait. so you typed up this whole review saying how great it was, posted pictures and said even the insides were manufactured well, and then you say you bought a vapor brothers because you dont like knock offs.

    huh? if the thing works as great as you say it does than whats the problem?

    seems like wasting money to have 2 vaporizers that work.:confused:
  2. DO NOT BUY THE AROMA CLASSIC VAPORIZER from Gotvape. That thing is a piece of shit and it doesn't produce vapors. The post from Steinways says it can produce thick dense vapors, that's all bullshit. I had the knob turned up the whole way, at the 6pm position, beyond the little sticker gauge and it produced very thin vapors, and I use the term vapors loosely. I would have gotten better vapors just sniffing the marijuana in the baggie it came in. I don't know what the vaporization temperatures needed for other substances besides marijuana, maybe this will work well for those substances, but not for MJ. I think this guy works for the gotvape company, as this is absurd. So again, don't buy this product, I got F***ed over in wasting 160 bucks on it, don't be another idiot to waste their money on this garbage. Plus you can't return it. The return policy is only for UNOPENED items within 14 days. So when you open it and realize it doesn't work, you can't return it. I'm pissed because I ordered a vaporwarez cannon and they said they were out of stock, but had this item which they said was a more expensive vaporizer (Thus assuming more expensive meant better, if not as good). Well, I got jipped and can't return it for the vaporizer I actually wanted. If you have any questions about this, message me, but just don't buy it, buy a vaporizer with many good reviews. I don't trust gotvape anymore.
  3. Why people continue to purchase these cheap Chinese knock-offs is beyond me when there are legit vapes that they can buy for the same amount of money........or even less. A LaunchBox for under a 100 bucks, or even a VaporGenie for around 55 bucks would be a better choice than this crapolla.
  4. Just to add, when using the aroma classic, you get a nice taste through the whip, which made me assume it was working, but I got no actual effects, like getting high. It just took the taste away from the herb. So when I went and smoked the herb, It tasted terrible, but did get me high. I don't know that much about vaporizing, but I'm guessing that it just vaped whatever part of the plant makes it taste like MJ, just not the high-inducing cannabinoids. I think I would like a vape with a temp gauge so I can set it to 200 and not worry with if it's hot enough or not. Just my opinion though.
  5. I ordered a vaporbros hands free vaporizer today, and I'm told that the vaporbros are really good vapes, so I'm excited to get that in and start vapeing for real. I'm a little giddy, I'm tired of smoking and fucking up my lungs, and does it really make weed consumption more efficient?
  6. Good choice, RF. :hello:
  7. Well, I didn't find this thread until after I had already purchased this vape from my local headshop this past weekend, and I have to say that I'm glad I didn't read this first. My vape is ass kickingly awesome. I get about 10 - 15 hits out of a single packed chamber. Turn it on to about the 2:00 position, let it warm up for about 5 minutes, attach the whip and let it sit there for another 2 - 3 minutes, and take a very slow, very slight draw. BAM! Mad vapors!

    I'm new to vaporizing, so I'm sure there are likely better products out there, but for a first timer and for an affordable unit, I have to say that I'm very, very happy with my purchase.
  8. i just got my aroma clasic from gotvape myself, i originally ordered the vap can 4g *since stock said out of 3g* and got a call from them couple days later saying they were out of 4g's as well... i todl them i'd like a refund but they convinced me to let them send me the aroma instead, saying it was a better unit and whatnot i hadn't even heard of the thing but being impatient and not having time to drive an hour to the hedshop figured it sounded good enough at least. so far im not too impressed with the product, the green light is really cool, but seeing that they used the same excuse on mutliple people makes me feel scammed, any advice out there?:-/
  9. I like this vaporizer, but do NOT suggest the dual chamber whip. I suggest a standard whip. The dual chamber whip did not produce as much vapor for me as a standard.

  10. So, it's just under 2 months since I bought my Aroma Classic, and the heating element is already dead. Worked great while it worked, but now it's just a paper weight. The manufacturer,, is supposed to offer a lifetime warranty on the heating element. Well, apparently they have no idea when they'll have these in stock again. How the hell does the mfgr not know when they'll have more in stock? Do they have no communication with their production facility? Furthermore, they have two people answering the phone - one is a male and one is a female, and they give different names every time they answer the phone. They said that once they have more in stock that they'll have to send a new one out to the shop where I bought mine and I'll have to go to the shop to do the exchange. The shop is like "Um, no" (understandably so). So, I suppose my $185 was a complete waste. I should have just replaced my ROOR like I wanted to initially,

    So, moral of the story: Avoid both the Aroma Classic and like the plague.
  11. I don't get why people are hating on this aroma classic vaporizer, I look at all the celebs that they hook up with the aroma classic & I don't think they would do marketing on a sub par unit.

    As far as any problems, if you buy it there is a lifetime warranty so I'm assuming that they are working on the second version of this entry level Vaporizer.

    One big plus to the Aroma Classic compared to the Vapor Bros is that it comes with an automatic shut off feature.
  12. It might just be me but it seems to me that those people posting that are saying it works good don't seem legit ha. If they arn't legit than someone has too much time and if they are legit than thats good for them that this vape worked.
  13. So yea here I am, I found this forum and thread too late, it seems. I got mine a couple days ago (before I saw this thread) and used it for the first time tonight, and right after the first use, the element is burned out and it's not heating up. After reading what was in here I'm very pissed off and it looks like I've been scammed. These assholes better give me my money back. And they have these people on here keeping up with the reviews saying it's a good vaporizer... That's bullshit, and these people are fucking with you. The legit one is the Vaporbrothers.
  14. So, here's been my experience with this vape so far...

    I bought one in March from Capital City Hemp in Washington DC. By the beginning of May the heating element had stopped working. I went round and round with GotVape about getting a replacement due to the lifetime warranty on the heating element. They wanted to ship the replacement out to Capital City Hemp, but Cap City wasn't having it. They post signs everywhere that say all vape sales are final, and I honestly can't blame them for not wanting to be involved in the swap of used "paraphenalia". DC is hardcore about their laws surrounding the selling of items like this, so I completely understand. Once I got GotVape to buy this (Thanks, Amber and Ambie!), they agreed to accept my unit under RMA and ship me a new one directly. This process took about 30 days from start to finish, but just yesterday I finally received my brand new Aroma Classic from these guys. It's now obvious to me that the original was a dud because it didn't heat up anywhere NEAR as hot as this new one does.

    So, it was a bit of a pain in the ass to get this done through GotVape, but in the end they came through and I still think it's a good buy.


  15. Call GotVape and talk to Ambie in returns. She totally hooked me up.
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    Which is it, bro? In your first post you say "avoid them like the plague" and that you "dislike your unit;" but in your second post you say that you "still think it's a good buy."

    It's been 3 months since your last post about this vape... How are you liking your vape? Is it still working? Is the wand in working condition?
  17. It's a bit old, but bump... ^

    Also, how does the AromaClassic compare to the VaporBrothers? @ The guy that said he got both, hehe.

    I would seriously like to believe that for $140 you can get something just about as good as the VB.. ;)

    PS - The hate isn't really necessary.. these are really generally good working products. Some of the $30-60 shit you get on amazon are definitely the knockoffs that are made-in-china and will die within a day or a month, at random. But if you go and get a legit one straight from the guys there or at vape world.. I believe you won't really have any chance at being screwed... just my 0.02...

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