Aroma Classic Vaporizer In-Depth Review (Amazing little vap!)

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    The youtube link is:

    [ame=]YouTube - Aroma Classic Vaporizer[/ame]

    A few days ago I purchased the Aroma Classic Vaporizer from my local headshop. It was one of the cheaper ones there, with only some handhelds being cheaper but not even looking like real vaporizers. They had a silver surfer for a little more, iolites, volcanos, and various others. I knew I didn’t want a volcano or any of the bag type ones, because I wanted the unit to be as compact as possible, but still high quality. I also like drawing on my herb manually, I don’t want a machine to do it for me.
    The Aroma Classic was the one that caught my eye mainly because it was the only one with real character. The Silver Surfer was pretty cool too- but it looked too much like a garage project with glass pipes glued to it. I really liked the look of the bamboo casing for the Aroma Classic, and the construction quality of the unit and included parts were top notch.

    The unit has an On and Off switch, and a temperature control knob on the front. When you switch the unit on, the glass stem (which houses a ceramic tube with the heating element in it) lights up a bright green color, and looks fantastic. The glass stem is mounted in the back of the bamboo box with a big sturdy silicon holder. It seems extremely sturdy, and resilient.

    \tThe temperature knob is very smooth, and precise. There is a sticker under the knob which indicates that 9:00 is the coolest, and 3:00 is the hottest. This is one problem I have with this vaporizer. This sticker really threw me off the first night I was vaping with this, because I didn’t think I should go past the 3:00 mark that says it is the hottest. I now have found out that the sticker gauge is just showing which direction to move the knob to get the desired temperature. After turning up the knob past the 3:00 point (it goes all the way to 6:00) I had a much more fulfilling and productive experience.

    \tThe whip that is included is a dual chamber whip. It has a small glass bottom piece that screws into a larger glass chamber that the tube is connected too. The small bottom piece and the large glass chamber both have screens in them where they screw together. This makes loading, vaping, and emptying extremely clean and easy. (I only touch my herb when I’m taking it out of the jar it’s in, and putting it in the grinder.) I can’t imagine how anyone would vap without this type of system. Having only one screen to keep the herb from sucking through, but not having one to keep it from falling onto the heating element seems really ridiculous and a very poor design choice. This design makes the most sense, and works amazingly well. Instead of taking the whip off and having to stir the herb around (like people say your supposed to do) I just kind of shake it a bit. The herb gets stirred up this way, but because of the dual screens it doesn’t fly out. Very easy- very quick.

    I let the unit heat up for exactly 3 minutes every time, and it always produced visible exhalable vapors. I used 0.3 - 0.5 grams of ground herb for every session. The vapor is thick, and extremely delicious- I can easily blow vapor rings with it.

    \tUpon experimenting with the unit a bit, I have found quite a few things:

    Temperature matters greatly when vaporizing.
    \tThe first night, I didn’t turn my temperature up enough because of the sticker thing I mentioned. I was getting vapors, so I thought I was at the right temperature. I definitely got high, but something was seriously lacking compared to the normal high I get off of a bubbler/bong bowl. I had my knob set at around 1:00.

    You can get yourself unequivocally, seriously fucked up vaporizing.

    \tThe second night I decided to turn the knob up to around 4:30, and wow...
    Did I have a different experience. THIS was the high I had been hearing about from so many different people. The vaporizing high. It was incredible. It IS incredible. I have a hard time believing that this is actually way better for you, because shit never works like that in the world. Usually the better and more potent is worse for you, but not for this. I have been smoking for the past 3 years just about every day. For a year in there, I was blazing bowls about 4-7 times a day. I still smoke everyday, but usually just in the evenings- What I’m getting at is- I know my way around weed/getting high, and I can’t say more simply: VAPORIZING MARIJUANA WILL GET YOU MORE BLAZED THAN SMOKING IT WILL.

    The Aroma Classic is one mean Vaporizer\t

    I am really happy with this purchase. Before buying this I was skeptical as shit. I had heard all the great things about vaporizing, but still took it as myth- or rationalized it that perhaps those people who are having a great time vaping don’t really smoke weed like I do. I went to the store ready to buy the vaporizer, believing that it would be neat, but not really practical- or maybe that it wouldn’t really get me high like smoking would-believing that my trusty bong and pieces would serve me for years to come.

    Little did I know.

    This unit is built extremely well, and has the best style of any of the vapes I’ve seen. The way it lights up green, the smooth operation, the bamboo case- its all just oozing awesome. The whip that is included has by far the best design I’ve seen on the market and it extremely easy to load, vap, and empty. I would recommend this vaporizer to everybody, especially to those looking for a more efficient, potent, and all around improved way of enjoying those beautiful crystal covered buds.

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  2. This looks like a nice vape, but just be honest and say you're working for this company. No need for this "The other day I bought this..." nonsense. No customer would go all out like this for this product.

    But it does look nice, I'll definitely check it out some more.
  3. What the fuck dude- hahahaha i don't work for the company. If i did i sure as hell wouldn't be VAPING REAL WEED out of that thing in the video.
    The reason I went all out is because i couldn't find ANY information on this particular vaporizer, but it was the one my headshop had. I ended up buying it anyway without any type of review or anything, and luckily it turned out to be really awesome!
    I just wanted to get some material out there for other people who were in my position. It is really is awesome.
  4. Hey, let's give this guy the benefit of the doubt...

    Over at FC (that's FuckCombustion, if you don't know), there are pages upon pages of well-detailed, articulate reviews for every vape out there, and a few that aren't yet. I'll happily believe he's a satisfied customer with a little extra time and a desire to help others experience his own success.

    I really like the look of those dual screens--I wish there were some way to adapt them to Da Buddha. My objection is that this thing looks like, no offense, just another box vape. Besides the dual screen, what differentiates this from Vapor Bros, Vapor Cannon, VaporWarez? Not a lot that I can see.

    Additionally, .3-.5 for a solo session seems ridiculously inefficient for a vape. I use .1-.2 with my Da Buddha, and about the same with my VaporGenie, which is not an efficient vape. Would you elaborate on this a little, please?
  5. Wow- i haven't tried less herb yet- I was just putting in what I usually use for a bowl. I'll try that right now!
  6. Be sure to report back on it. My guess is that you'll be able to get a VERY good high off of .2 grams.

  7. My bad, dude. I re-read your post and realized that I was totally high when I first read it and a bunch of key sentences seemed totally different lmao.

    total misunderstanding my bad.

    But yea, I stand by my original statement in that this looks cool, but idk if it's the one vape I want to go for.
  8. Haha yeah man- no problem

    Yeeeeaahhhh mmaannn.... I get THICKER vapors when i use less chronic actually! and ya. i'm ripped. used about .2
    THis is is so sick. :)
  9. I have one question. Can you give us the address of the manufacture? Not the address of the distributor that supposedly designed it, but the origin of manufacture.
  10. I do not know who the manufacturer is. one website thats under construction might have info for that in the future Vaporizer - Herb Vaporizers - Vaporizers The product page on gotvape has links to instructions and stuff also, but no info on manufacturer. :( I would really like to know as well.

  11. Yeah. See, I see that as a real concern. Sounds like a manufacturer that doesn't want to be held accountable if things go south. I'd be willing to wager that it's made by some manufacture in China.
  12. Well- I should have taken your wager Iwien, because I called up Gotvape to find out the manufacturer and found out that Gotvape is! They assemble and ship this vaporizer right from their warehouse in southern California.
    The person I was talking to told me the designers were trying to take everything that was great about a Vapor Brothers (all high quality ceramics for heating element and surrounding areas, high quality construction, ) but also add things that they thought were lacking from the Vapor bros. (Whip with dual screens, automatic shut off after 30 minutes, a simple gauge on the knob to easily spot your optimal temperature)

    Before I called them however, in order to find out the manufacturer, I took the bottom off and was pleasantly surprised to find that the insides are constructed just as well as the outsides. :D

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    I looked on their site and it does say that it is designed by them but nowhere does it say that it is made by them. Are you totally sure that it is manufactured here in the US? Is there anything stamped on the vape that says made in USA. I know you called them, but I don't know if I'd take the word of some customer service rep.

    Either in the manual or on the vape itself, it should say where it is made.

    Looking at the bottom of the vape, I'm curious about something. Where is the air drawn in, that is, where is the vapor path. Does it go over all those components?

    Steinwayz, I know what you previously have stated, but being that your very first post here was a very lengthy postive review of this vape, and considering that all of your posted pics look like they were professionally shot (the lighting and such), and considering that ALL of your posts here in this forum is just about this one vape, I maintain that you have some professional relationship with Gotvape. I may be wrong, but I seriously doubt it.
  14. Yeah man- in all honesty I completely agree with you. I'm not sure if I really believe the sales rep either. This was the best vape for me i could find at my local headshop- and truly- it really does seem well put together, with high quality parts... but i have a problem owning knock offs, and not the original genuine thing.

    which is why....

    I have just ordered a Vapor Brothers. Which i should have done before this... but live and learn.
    Anyhow- I'm really psyched now that i am also a "Vapor Brother" (even though i'm white...) and I know I'll feel more comfortable knowing i'm owning a product that has a proven track record (even though it may be essentially exactly the same as the one i have now)

  15. Oh yeah- hahahaha - and I took ALL of those pictures with my iPhone 3gs. I agree- pretty good quality! hahaha (aside from my new Vapor brothers vape which i don't even have yet- my iphone is probably the coolest thing i own)
  16. HAHAHA- well i'll tell you man- i have NO affiliation with gotvape- I do however have training in video production hence the proper lighting for the photos. (thanks by the way!) but seriously-

    I'm not affiliated with gotvape. (I'm actually a piano teacher.)
  17. Ok, I believe ya, and yeah...........great lighting on those pics. And hats off to you on your chosen profession. Teaching someone the joy of playing music is a gift, even if you do get paid for it. ;)
  18. just recently purchased this product got it today in the mail... plugged it in set the tempertaure to around the middle, nothing.. waited 15 minutes, still nothing. turned it to the highest temperature... waited 15 minutes.. nada. in the process of sending it back... any suggestions on a possible replacement around this price range?

  19. Sure. If you want to stay with a whip based vape, check out either the VaporBros or Da Buddha. Either of them would be better choices than the one you got.

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