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Arnt Metallica a sad story now.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by :::===={XX}, Aug 28, 2003.


What do you think the album is like?

  1. A glorious gift sent from GOD

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  2. A lot of angry yelling

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  3. Some guys posing as metallica

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  4. or just plain good

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  1. I was just listening to a few new songs from the st Anger album. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHHAAHHAH HAHAHA AHA AAH A what a pathetic piss poor efort. Metallica were one the greatest bands of all time everyone has a favourite metallica song. I mean sure s&m was ok I didnt mind it. reload and load well lets just say they were for the radio.
    I was sitting at home one day choffing along when a mate says metallica were bringin out a new album he said it was going to be the heavyst shit they have ever done. and I was like yeah sure whatever. then i see new metallica album coming soon. I was like sweet this will be filth. I thought it would be the best shit i have ever heard. Then i eventually heard it and it was the worst shit i ever heard.

    What do you guys think.
  2. I liked them somewhat before they turned into pussies and started bitching about Napster, I think they lost a lot of popularity after that. I guess they couldn't handle that people weren't buying their albums because they were shit, and tried to blame Napster.

    Although I can do a mean impression of that singer guy, so hopefully they stick round and someday if i'm desperate for a job I can start one of those tribute bands or somethin, lol
  3. metallica = suckass whine monkeys
  4. they just dont get what people liked about them the hardcore fans like all there stuff even load and re load witch was crap so the way i see it is i can always bust out the old good shit and piss on the new shit
  5. I think they had balls to do what they did. In one respect, it was a gutsy move because it doesn't really "sound" like any of their previous work. However, the move wasn't really gutsy because they are Metallica, and they know that no matter what they do, their records will ALWAYS be hits.

    Metallica is more of an industry or institution than a band anymore.
  6. I saw them at leeds fest last friday- I'd say they were pretty good. But hey what would I know.
  7. Old metallica is the best music on the planet. St Anger could possibly be some of the worst music on the planet. So fun to sing and make fun of though!!

    edit: anyone hear the St Anger Parody song? Its so FF I almost shit myself!

  8. Couldn't say it better my self.
    The old matalica was certinly the best. Jump in the fire is a great song and the " bass solo tak one." song was great on the kill'em all cd. Gave me shivers. burzums music does the same thing. The high speed adreniline albums ( or every album before the black album) was great and a fast filled ride to lisen to. The black album I thought was good. they slowed it down the music a little bit but it still has that dark kind of feel to it. sandman, sad but true. they sounded great. But with nearly every album after that sucked ass. I think they are just trying to re create the black album....a couple thirty times.

    that fucking drum that goes ping! ping! ping! is just fucking anoying. and the sing sounds like shit.
  9. I am a huge Metallica fan, and am definitely with some people here about their recent antics with suing people (Including Victoria's Secret for having a lipstick color called "Metallica"), the album known as "load", their slow pace with releasing new material, etc. But, I really like St. Anger. I don't really like it in the same way as say Master of Puppets, but I do like it in that it is an evolution. I mean, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets could have been the same album. Justice came around in 88, and while being very a very technical album (much like lightning and puppets), it had a different tone (perhaps darker?). The black album while being a huge commercial success was also a great album. The playing was extremely tight, and the melodies were innovative for a metal band. I didn't much care for Load, but I did repect the band for trying something new. Fast forward almost 10 years, and we're at St. Anger. While it does sound similar to many lesser "Nu Metal" bands, it is indeed Metallica. I liked how they returned to their heavy roots, but didn't do another Kill 'Em All, or Master of Puppets". We all know Kirk can play lead well (He's done it on every Metallica album since Kill 'Em All in 1983), so I didn't see it as a big deal that he didn't solo on this new record. As for Lars' snare drum... Well, I kinda liked that too. As people, I don't know how much I like Metallica--But as a band, they are truly one of the greatest metal bands ever. They've had some flops, but they have also done some great stuff. Don't hate on the band for one album. Just kick back and listen to Master of Puppets or ...And Justice for All if you want "classic" Metallica.
  10. i really like metallica, but i think they started to suck after the black album, everything b4 that was amazing in everyway, but then they started to change, mind u they had a few good songs after black, but the cds jst werent as good nor as metal as they used to be
  11. Hahahaha....metallica is shit now....did u know there gonna be doing the voices of a cartoon on disney!!! yea there gay...

    fuck whats next??!??! metallica on ice? rofl
  12. Atleast Metallica still puts on a great live show! I saw em this summer and they only played 2 songs off st anger and 1 off load/reload combined!
  13. yep..atleast they know their new album was suck ass...but despite all that you HAVE to give them props for their older cd's...kill em all, master of puppets, BEAUTIFUL cd's, so much put into their music. then they turned into new age shit music..hopefully if they put out a new CD it'll be back to the old metallica..

  14. Preach it proud!They have been banned from my personal cruiser as well.They will no longer be Metallica of Ride the Lighting fame...just a bunch of guys playing as metallica.
  15. Metallica fucking RULED!...right up until around Reload...then it was like "This is alright...but its no fuckin Kill 'em all" Lets just remember the good times with Metallica...cuz, they are piss poor music these days.
  16. Jeez man...the fuckin black album got me into music. There will always be differing opinions on the music, but honestly S&M kicked the living shit out of St. Anger. Can't really match classic metallica though. One is still one of the greatest songs they ever made... in any version they did it in. Oddly, I liked the S&M version more because the other instruments made it interesting high.
  17. Ive never liked them....Lars or whatever his name is, is possilby the second biggest tool right next to Bono
  18. I liked Master of Puppets and Ride the lightning but after that i didnt like them much. They tried to get too mainstream, and mainstream sucks.

    Master! Master! That was a good song.

    Kinda wierd, i was thinking how U2 and Metallica kinda did the same thing, but obviously in different styles. Joshua Tree is still good though.
  19. in my opinion Metallica were one of the greatest rock bands ever and in their own way still are. but I dont dig the fact they sued napster and sued all these other random people and yes they are sell outs. but albums like Kill em all, Ride the Lightning, Master Of Puppets are all classics. Black album is ok but its ashame its the one that got them mainstream and most peolpe only like Enter Sandman off it, I reckon The God That Failed is the best song from it. Load was alright cause it has Ain't My Bitch and Hero Of The Day, Reload was kinda poor, redoing the unforgiven didnt really go well. St Anger is horrible, but frantic and st anger are pretty good live ill give them that.
  20. Hmmm, Ive just noticed that I never get sick of old metallica, even though I listen to it so much. Im talkin about Kill em all, Ride the lighting, master of puppets and justice for all. At least 1 of those CDs is always in my 3 disc cd player and it never gets old. Aside from slayer, there isnt really another band that I can listen to so much without getting sick of it. Haha, Im listening to Orion right now, good song.

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