Army Rectruiter Coming to My House...

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  1. Yesterday this Army Recruiter called me and talked to me and tried to get me to join and what not. I was wishy washy with him and the conversation ended with him saying he will come to my house and talk to me.

    I hate the army and the president and the government. But these fucking recruiters are so damn pushy. If he actually does come to my house, how can I tell him off?

    My mom was telling me today a story of 2 of her coworkers who were pushed so hard they both signed 8 year contracts without even knowing.
  2. um. you tell him to leave. it's quite simple actually..
  3. just politely tell him you don't want any part in it, thank you for coming by but youre going to have to ask him to leave.

    when i was first applying to college an army recruiter was harrassing my brother and i, trying to tell us that as inner city children the only way we'll be able to pay for college is if we sign up for the military.

    or depending on how comfortable with your sexuality you are, you could tell him youre gay lol
  4. Just keep saying no, no, no, your not interested ect. Make it clear that you dont want to join. And deffinitly dont sign anything.
  5. Ask to be taken off their contact list.

    Or you could say
    1) You're gay (even if you're not)
    2) Say you smoke weed every day (can't be in the military if you're smoking weed)

    Or, like I said just say "I appreciate what you do. Please take me off your contact list. Thank you." Then just hang up, don't wait for a response.

    Or fuck it and go see the world. Just join the air force or navy to avoid getting shot at.
  6. Ask him if he would like to come in for some sex...

    should leave after that.
  7. Just stop them right at your door and say, "Look, I'm not interested in joining the military. Leave me alone."

    I might be persuaded to buy a box of thin mints from a Girl Scout, but I'm not going to be strong-armed into joining the Army...I mean, come on
  8. Yeah don't sign a thing or you'll wind up finding out all about hash in Afghanistan first hand.
  9. Chronically masturbate in front of him... Dude will be so confused and put off he wont ask you to join!
  10. Repeatedly ask him when you get your gun
  11. If he rings your bell or knocks on your door, come the door naked, with only an apron on.
    Be like "Oh, hey, come on in. I was just baking some cookies. They'll be ready in 5 minutes.
    Can I get you something to drink?" All casually.
  12. Does the OP have any Middle Eastern or Indian friends? You could have them present at the meeting, then you point over at them and tell the recruiter you're already gathering prisoners
  13. tell him you have cancer

  14. LOL :laughing: OMG. I have an Assyrian friend (from around Turkey). That would be so funny.

    Don't worry guys, I'm not THIS dumb to ask you guys how to get rid of him. I just knew I'd get loads of funny responses.

    I plan on opening the door, but not the 2nd glass door. And just telling him I'm not interested and then closing the door on him.

    I already told him I'm not really interested when he called me. But he said he should still come over just to talk about it. These guys don't quit.
  15. you can say your a diabetic, had surgery of some sort, your gay, you only have a GED, or be honest and say your just not interested
  16. lolll, i cant wait to have an army recruiter come to my house now :)
  17. None of the posters so far have sounded like this has happened to them before. No one has experienced this?

    I knoooow. Some of these ideas actually sound like a really funny thing to do to a recruiter.
  18. Look him up and down while licking your lips sensually, tell him you love a man in uniform and ask if he'd like to get a drink sometime.

    Bonus points for smacking his ass as he hurries away.

    I've always kinda secretly wanted a recruiter to pursue me like that, just so I can fuck with them. A couple of my friends got free lunches out of humoring them for a minute. Not a bad deal! ;):p
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    Maybe tell him he's a beautiful work of art and you must capture his beauty for the whole world to see. Tell him "I must paint you.".

    Edit: "It would be a crime against humanity not to share you with everyone. You have glorious thighs."
  20. Last time a recruiter called me I owned his ass.

    He was like how tall are you and how much you weigh.

    I said "5'11" 160 pounds" he said "Ohh perfect!"
    He asked if I ever thought about joining.

    I simply said. "No I would never consider such thing and if they tried to force me I would run."

    I have never heard from one again.

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