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  1. Hey guys, I am starting a little grow op to get some experience, tomorrow is pay day so I'm gonna pick up more things I need, 2 more 6500k CFLs and maybe 2 5000ks.. ( do you guys thing there should be 2700ks in a veg light?) I need a metal reflector for the light fixture I'm making, and a 3 prong cord to power it. And a oscillating small fan. I germinated a couple bag seeds and one just cracked open and had a big tap root on it, so I put her (hope Shes a her) in some mg seed starter and not even 2 days later she came up out of the soil! My temps are staying pretty okay right now at 79-80, but lets see what they are like with more lights and that other fan..Let me know what you blades think, and I love help!

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  2. Today I went out to lowes and got some chain, a ph meter, 2 more 6500k CFLs, 2 5000k CFLs, reflector, oscillating fans, I need to get one more exhaust fan I think, the temps are staying around 80ish. I have 3 bag seeds unknown type. I have some blue dream seeds, does anyone know anything about blue dream? I tried some and it was a good relaxing high
  3. Hey man, I dig the setup! I did something like that with an Armoire. It's in the bottom of my signature. The only thing I think might be an issue is height. You should gut out those drawers and make it taller. Remember, when you flower, the plant gets 2-3x bigger! Also, do you have to worry about smell? If so, you're going to want to handle that. I've grown Blue Dream, it was actually one of my favorites! It's more of a sativa but has fatter leaves closer to an indica. I still have some seeds for it too. I'll bring it back after I'm done playing around with the OG #18 that I got. As for bulbs, I forget the numbers but I know "soft white" is flowering and I believe it's called "cool blue," is for vegging.
  4. Yeah I was thinking about taking the drawer out, it would give about a foot more of space. And then leave the bottom drawers for now and take them out and make the bottom area a clone box When do they start to smell? And can I just make a carbon scrubber and attach it to exhaust fans? Would that be good enough?
  5. You can smell that something is growing from like week 2 or 3 but it's not a strong weed smell. Just like a chlorophyll smell. When you start flowering, in week 3 or 4 when your trichomes start poppin up like crazy, it really starts to smell. Definitely from week 4 to harvest.

    I would definitely get a carbon scrubber or make an ONA Bucket.
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    Today I finished the box for good unless my temps stay high, I got my fixture hung and made my intake fan into an exhaust fan and now have a passive hole where the fan is by. I'm germinating some blue dream seeds right now and if they do good I'm gonna switch them out with the worst 2 in there now. Looked in the box and the one that's doing the best is lovin the light

    Edit* I'll add pics later, the app won't let me upload them
  7. Okie dokie, here is an update! My little plant is doing great, I don't know what strain it is though! The other two are blue dream, they are newly planted seeds. Here are pics of my cab, also I was wondering do the large ridges in the leaf mean over watering, or is it just a characteristic of the plant? I stick my finger about 1 1/2 down and it's dry, this medium drys a little fast I think. It's MG seed starter soil, I know people say not to support MG, but it's what I have available right now. :)

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  8. Still doin pretty good! My little bag seed is doing awesome! I have a couple blue dreams that are popping up, the only issue I have is that the medium get dry fairly fast and I'm having a little problems with heat, does anyone have any suggestions? I have two 120mm exhaust fans and a passive hole where I keep my other fan, my temps are in the 90s

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    Nice little grow there.

    However I disagree with the use of milar,or foil.Flat white paint,and or contact paper is way better.

    Mirrors eat light.Whats closer to a mirror then milar?,and foil just doesnt do shit.I've never understood people that use them.I mean I get why,but it isnt as it appears.
  10. Does anyone have any advice?
  11. Here is an update, my bag seed plant has really big ridges and is growing. Real short and bushy, and the other two are blue dream and they look okay. What does the ridges in the leaves mean? I'm using mg organic seed starter, what's a good soil to get from homedepo or lowes?

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  12. Update: plants still looking good! Going to lowes and HD tmr to look at blowers to cool my cab. Also gonna get some new 1 or 2 gallon pots and organic soil mix, or I was looking at hempy buckets, but I don't want to deal with lots of water drainage in my bedroom. Any good tips on organic soil mixes?

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  13. Update: just went to lowes and got a bathroom fan, 90 degree angle PVC pipe, extension cord, organic compost, pots, and timer, all for under 35 bucks! So we will see if the temps change soon, also I re-potted the plants for more room! Still doing great!
  14. My 2 blue dreams look good, but my bagseed looks a little weird! Why is it growing like that, is that normal? I'm pretty sure it is on the opposite end of the strain scale compared to the blue dream

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  15. Here is an update! 20 days from seed the first one is a random bag seed, and the other two are blue dream! Temps are staying at about 80, I am gonna order some nutrients online soon, any suggestions besides fox farm? Thanks guys!!

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    I have some experience with an armoire grow so i can offer a little advice.

    1. I would agree you need to gut those drawers, you are going to need the space. Once you figure in the height or your pots and the size of your lights it gets tight quickly.

    2. you will need a carbon filter, or else never invite anyone over. The easiest/cheapest filter to make is a bathroom fan filter. What i did was make a wooden frame that attaches to the bottom open section and then created a square wooden filter to fit inside that frame out of square dowel, panty hose, and fish filter carbon. I just change the panty hose/carbon after each grow cause it gets clogged with dust/wears out.

    3. paint the inside white. I too started with mylar, but it holds in heat, absorbs light, and is a bitch to try an clean. Ended up painting it white and never looked back

    4. You will want to LST/ScroG. Start with lst after about the 3rd set of leaves and when the lst gets unmanagable add a scrog.

    5. I would check your PH, just by looking at the new growth you can see that it has thin leaves and the one bagseed plant has curling leaves. Looks to me like low ph.

    Good luck with your grow!
  17. What does yellowing in the leaves mean?
  18. yellowing can be a number of things, new growth is often yellow so it isnt always a concern. Yellowing can also be PH related. It also could be nitrogen deficiency but prob not in a new plant like this. It could be a number of things. But the thin leafed new growth like you have I would check ph of runoff and the ph of the water going in.
  19. Okay here's an update! It's been about 23 days since they were planted, the bagseed has really weird growth all over, it was my first try and the seed is Reggie so idk if that had anything to do with it. The other two are doing pretty good, they seem a little small to me, but this is my first grow lol they are both blue dream bagseeds, my temps stay in the high 70's low 80's. If its the ph of the water, why does it only affect the one plant and not the other two?

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  20. Not to rain on your parade, but the bag seed is finished. Toss it. By leaving it in there, it's just eating energy the other 2 could be using.

    You're beginning to get deficiencys in both the dreams. Yellowing of the leaves like that and the beginning of droopy leaves aren't good things.

    Just my .02 =]

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