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    Here is a grow in an Armoire(Large Cabinet) that keeps me in enough medicine to keep a normal day.. Thanks all for viewing. I have never seen plants grow this fast... I use DWC, and a 400 w switchable ballast...

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  2. Now here is what I think I purchased over the last 2-4 weeks too build this sucker... I took a lot of patients and time to get this all together, so don't rush or you will fail... I got the best prices on my stuff because I was very patient.. I pieced this together slowly till I was happy with it and I am still not done with it... It has so many improvements and will have mylar up soon but i move it too new location soon... so till then it must be able to come apart at a whim...

    Beautiful Pine Armoire- 75$ craigslist (I waited till I found the right one and talked him down from 100$)

    Ventilation fan 144cfm- 80$ marylandhydro

    Light/400w HPS/MH, ballast, bulbs, socket and reflector w/ air cooled hood- 100$ Thanks too a good friend.

    PPM and Ph meter- 20$ a piece through Ebay

    Nurients(GH/for first time)- 23$ for all three

    Dryer Ducting(docking)/Weather Striping/Screws/Black tape/Wall mounted fan/misc..- CHEAP(I had most of it already) Hardware store

    DWC- 10gal rubbermaid buckets x3, More black tape,--all aquarium area: air stones and air pumps, air tubing and odds and ends -34$

    4inch High velocity CPU fan(for intake of air)- free from friend

    Hydro stuff- Hydro store--- Netted pots 3$ a peice, nutrients, hydroton 15$, Ph up and Down 10$, Mylar 12$ odds and ends????...

    Clones or seed- Uhhh.. don't know what too say these where easy for me to get

    Reverse Osmosis Water(PURE)- $ 0.35 a gallon or by RO system on ebay for 135$

    Other stuff I cant think of as well I'm sure- Just ask

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  3. alright awesome pics if all journals were this clean but ah well ty
    So with the gh what are your feed cycles cause im burning a lot of mine in dwc have ppm pen starting new attempt soon let me know oh my cycle is ro water @ 20 ppm add 1 ml sthrive 1ml thrive alive red and vit b take this to 150 then make gh 2 2 1 until reaches 150 add together and keep balanced @ 300 very interested cause am ready to give up on gh and keep using botanicare decent success using it
  4. Whatsup Phishhead420,
    Real clean set-up man, I might be asking you alot of Q's about ppms and PH in the next couple of weeks. Im starting my first DWC grow soon as I can make some room. Sounds like you know your shit though, so GL and get some good genetic's in there.

  5. Too all: Please click my thumbnail pictures too see larger so you can see the utmost beauty of this setup through the grow... Also my cab measures in at - - 53"H,23"L,45"W...

    Madman: Thank you very much, It is my true belief that the cleaner the grow the higher the yield.. Now this has been proven in terms of pests, extra heat, accidents, fires.. etc etc.. But a clean grow could also keep the people walkin right past it and not even know;)
    obviously this is my first go with GH, I used advanced nutrients in soil with great results.. but have heard and read much about all hydro nutes, so i went with GH as a test... yesterday at day one of transplant I used RO water at no more than 10 ppm, and put a quarter ounce of all three of the three part solution(Grow,Bloom,Micro) of what seems too be about 6-7 gallons of water per each 10 Gal res. This put my ppm s in each res from 140- 180 I added a my ph a couple hours later was around 6.5 to 6.8 through the three res so I added a little PH down, which put my ppms a little higher but all are under 200 ppm at this point. I am very scared of burning my plants so even this might be overkill and should only be around 100 ppms.. ANY INPUT ANYONE????? Now with the additives your using(superthrive) amazing product that I have used with soil.. Is a b1 supplement so what is thrive alive red??? same thing ?? is that overkill? and then more vit B on top??? sound like too many additives.. I wont use any till I am confident they need something.. Clone and seedling GH- 1-1-1.. Who makes botanicare???
  6. dafinestsniper: DWC shouldn't take much of really any room and you could always use 5 gal buckets per plant... I am a little worried about tangled roots but we'll see. I will give all the input I can on my ppm and ph, but since this is a first go someone else might have had some more experience too be able to help us both.

    Some more PICS-

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    Wish I had exp to back all this up but since this is my first myself idk now i know this worked well enough with my ebb & flow but my theories on horticulture seem far fetched and off the wall to a lot of people so i dont mention them often here but here is a thought ok.
    We are dealing with a highly adaptive plant and looking for the best of the best when my mom drinks @ 400 her whole life got it rt her clones will adapt to 500 by the time i get them to new mom status theory says 2000 ppm mothers are possible down the road not sure i burn anything over 1200 no matter the size of the plant so far but thats here nor there
    general hydroponics(gh) is a competitor on the market with botanicare products i have used powerplant and power flower, the triflex system and several commercial nutrient systems. of theirs with success in the past but just moved new area new environment and what are these laws about but we do what we do peace!
  8. So you have had luck feeding heavy as long as you don't go over 1200ppm??? And you prefer Botanicare over GH with some ammount of experiance..?? And the Laws- even more of a question too me.. But then again im not breakin any.
  9. ok man with ghb ive had no real luck am shifting everything over towards the lucas method trying it out in a week or so he says dont use any gro just micro and bloom the micro has enough n in it to do the job and my setup is almost all isolated [i have had the best luck with a single part all inclusive nutrient and then i am adding my own supplements to it vitamins and what not in an ebb and flo system i have done heavy feeeding that high but only with the nothern lights/thai stick plants (my oldest) every thing else curls up and cries. wish i had a camera but to scared to ever take any pics of what I might think of doing.
  10. That is a very nice looking armoir, definitely doesn't look like the sort of thing most people would build into a grow box. That black fan you've got, that's the inlet right? Exhaust out the top?

    Also, you're running one airpump per tub right? If not you will probably want to add some more. You can never have too much air in DWC.

    Looks awesome, can't wait to see it grow!
  11. The Black CPU fan is actually for an aquarium metal halide type reflectors it is sold for about 75 bucks.. So it is really powerful, which you need for your inlet. It works great.. and yes it is the intake.. The armoire itself Is humongous so if you saw it in person it is the first thing you would think of, I promise.. Ha ha maybe just GC.. I do exhaust out the top, of course because I am pulling through the Flanges on the Hood of my light. All the heat in the grow is always up top.. I find right where the pc fan is will hit the girls with fresh Co2. Cool my reservoirs a little. Now the Tubs all have their own bubbler's, and this is a must cause I want even more air flow, I am thinking of buying air pumps for the bottom of each res, just cause I want more Air flow but I am also worried of sinking nutrients or stagnant water.. Any input Guys, And what are the ppms I should be running through the beginning and through veg with GH Flora series????? I'm at like 200
  12. I mix mine at about the same but trying to save my water bill i am adapting the lucas method sort of i am currently using cns 17 a single part grow/bloom start @ 200 /half secondaries half nutes.that is only 100 ppm nutes and 100 ppm vit b s thrive thrive alive thyacin and whatnot then i mix 5 gals @ twice that straight nutes 200ppm no secondaries put a bubbling wand in it and use this to top off with about a gallon a day when it is empty i make new @ twice strength and then use it to top off with seems to work real well so far on my 3rd step up this generation (adapting well)and no new nute burns i am very happy so far. this raises my ppm anywhere between 10 and 25 ppm per top off but I had to move up to much larger res for the fluctuations to stop swinging wildly(hence concern for water bill)

  13. well so much for that i havent seen a leaf curl like that since my noob days ps do i need to get a camera and post a few pics sidetrack sorry so next instead of going up 200 400 600 guess i have to try 200 300 400 500 or maybe 1 five gallons same same then next 100 more sorry idk just thought id let ya know that last advice didnt work out so well my clones are doing fine slight undercurl but i forgot about the 4 new seedlings i had placed farthest from the lights and i might have just killed my newest strain shit garden then smoke from now on i swear(yeah right)
  14. I am currently growing DWC the same way in my closet using GH nutes. I use the Lucas Formula and I love it. I experienced PH swings till the roots hit the solution. I dont even use the grow nutes. Just use the micro and bloom. at 8ml micro and 16 ml per gallon of water. I adjust nutes with a dosing syringe at 8ml micro and 16ml bloom per day (about 125ppm) jumps till I reach 950 under floros. or 1250 under HPS. I haven't flushed my nute res yet. (So far I am at about 6 weeks) and have no problems. I usually dont feed anything but straight R/O water till I see second set of good leaves in seedlings. I have never experienced nute burn yet! Once they get about 6 to 8 inches high I have had nute levels to 1450 and still no burn! I aim for 1300 and the plants do great. I havent had to adjust ph for over a month now. If the ph is low and PPM is a little high I add water. If the PPM is high I usually need nutes and it sets the PH straight. I love the GH Lucas formula. IMHO it is the only way to go.
  15. yup I dont get that yet but setting up a new bucket bubbler still have some gh left from before but local 420 do you add your nutes straight to your res everyday if so wow or mix in a gallon and slowly add that or what cause with 5 gallons and a res thats like 18-20 gallons and im supposed to do a complete change out every 14 days and a flush on top of that man idk but with help ill get it i hope
  16. I add the nutes right to my res every day. I fill my dosing syringe that measures oz or ml and add 8 micro and 16 bloom every day. I have never changed the res since I started. My PH stays right at 5.7 after roots hit the water. In the Lucas thread I read he (Lucas) says there is no need to change the res as long as there is no PH swings. Keep light out of the res, and keep the res temp below 80f, and keep the res with as many bubbles as possible and IMO things will be ok. I haven't had any algae growth yet and my roots are nice and white.

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  17. Today is day 10 of transplant for the Blueberry and the 2 Sensi Stars.. I had 1 purple kush given from a friend not root.. The other two have now rooted but look so far behind so I went and picked three more clones up.. One is Church, One is a Purple Kush that looks healthier than the other two babies(now my friend has the little babies mother in flower and it is one of the most magnificent things I have seen, hundreds of internodes and was tied over only once before flower and it is a huge bush..(two months veg from clone though, slow grower..Amazing for the height restricted and low plant number people..) it just doesn't do much during veg???) Oh and one Mazar clone as well..

    So the church planted two days ago, purple kush, and mazar where all planted today.. the blueberry and the two sensi stars are on day 10 and I forgot too get pics of the roots(coming out the bottom very well) but here are the updated pics.

    Also I have changed too the lucas formula and have all my res. @ around 420 ppms... even for the new plants and scare there???

    Please guys give me some input here I'm starting to figure this out... But my older clones seem all curled up blotchy black spots yellowing of the lower leafs first especially the BB...
    They have grown quite a bit but I felt like a little nitrogen and Mg so I went to 400 ppms but this only helped some???? Should I go more?

    1. The whole bunch 2.Purple Kush 3. Mazar 4. Both Sensi Stars 5.(left too right) Blueberry, Church, and Tiny little Purple Kush clones 6. The whole bunch 7. Two sensi stars closest, and mazar back Purple Kush right

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  18. how are your temps inside the cabinet? and humidity? light on and off? just curious. you haven't given that info yet :0
  19. Too tell you the truth.. I'm a cheap bastard. Haven't purchased Hygrometer yet.. So I do not know for certain the Temps, Hum, Or Res. Temps... But I have been doin this for a while and Am guessing that my temps during the day swing from 78-83 F and my res is probably around 68 F and my Hum is maybe around 55-60%

    Just guesses.. I will buy a hygrometer and an aquarium thermometer.. And give that info as soon as I do... I'm in Cali- Central A.C. is on all day... It's really funny how something as simple as the direction you point your exhaust could make warm air pockets and get right back in your intake and run your temps.... I have no big concerns now because they are clones and need this environment.. I will adjust a little more over the next few weeks..

    Well I am having one of my bigger concerns being.. I want to raise the ppms on my older plants but I have the church(3 days old) with the Blue berry (11 days old) So I think I will just remember that BB is a lightly nuted plant(except expressing def.) and keep that res around 5-600ppms and jump the Two sensi stars(11 days from clone transplant) up too like 600 or so and leave the PK and Mazar(day 2 of transplant) @ the 400ppms there at already.. Obviously I have not changed my res yet and will maybe in the next few days... I am adjusting too this Lucas formula with High hopes but have seen some problems with the bubbler's so I will go about everything as right as I can too not suffer in the end... I feel this will not be tooo easy the first go but will become a method I would not give up.
  20. Alright I did a little work today.. and here are some pics. I painted the top of the buckets with a black spray paint.. was flat black(works good).. I had too do this immediately because with the roots shooting, I don't think I'm getting a chance to take them out of the top of the lids again... So other than the air line tubing, I'm all black(ha ha)..

    I will most Likely dump my res's tomorrow, but have adjusted the ppms as posted last. I think it would be of utmost convenience to input a drain valve in these little suckers(man more $) Any Idears??? Hey growers ANY INPUT... I feel like I'm headed for disaster if I don't have a few gurus, carry me through my first DWC... I've been readin a good bit of Lucas material. But would also love any links too results in bubbler buckets(Lucas fed) and other posts by the genius. Been doin my fair share of lookin but haven't really seen any final harvests w/ this method in 10 gal tubs...????

    Thank you all it is a pleasure to pretend Like we all grow weed!!! LOL

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