Armed and Ready: New Mexico Residents Defy Government

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ProvidencePlant, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Armed and Ready: New Mexico Residents Defy Government

  2. Good to see 1 state standing up for themselves, we need more sheriffs like that. :cool:

  3. Next time you see a young kid standing outside the marine corp tell him to go join up with his local militia instead. :hello:
  4. Yeah I already posted about the sheriff awhile back, but this was the first time I heard of the 60 yr old telling the EPA she'd gun them down if they stepped foot on her property :D
  5. Simply put, "I am willing to die for my liberty, the question is sir/madame, are you willing to die trying to take it from me?"
  6. Its great to see people standing up to the government, but the people who did not take down their oil wells when the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (which is already not that strict in america) told them to is just ignorant, the environment is more important then you making a few extra dollars off of oil. The other things i agree with, but human convenience and profiteering takes a back seat to environmental issues and i hope those peoples oil wells do get shut down for the sake of the environment. An acre of hemp will make enough bio diesel to run a car, heat a house, cook your food and still have lots left over.

  7. most of them wont because they are cowards who can only steal and manipulate from shadowy closed doors.
  8. Take it up with the EPA.

    I mean, they do care about the environment, right :confused_2:

  9. they don't care to change the current status quo. the current top tier of wealthy people will do whatever it takes to stay on top. if that means destroying the planet, the people or each other, they will stop at nothing. the sooner people realize that the sooner we can begin to take it back.

  10. Sigh, right. Because the EPA and the government is motivated to protect the environment. That's why they did such a good job forcing that oil well to be drilled sooooooooo far out in the Gulf of Mexico.

    You're preaching to the choir about hemp. If you think to try and tell us that the EPA is a good thing you're probably not going to like the responses you get.
  11. But guys, it's called the Environmental Protection Agency :rolleyes:

    Just like the Patriot Act is about Patriots.
    Just like the War on Drugs is about keeping people safe.
    Just like the Anti-trust laws are about stopping monopolies.
    Just like the Bailouts saved our economy.
    Just like the TSA keeps us safe from terrorists.
    Just like the FED stabilizes financial markets.
    Just like the CIA only spies abroad.
    Just like the FEMA saves us from disasters.
    Just like the FDA keeps us safe from bad pharmaceuticals.
    Just like the FDIC has the assets to insure all our deposits.

    If you haven't figured it out by now, government legislation and agencies have VERY ironic names.
  12. The Federal government is doing all of this because of United Nations Agenda 21 program. The Agenda 21 program intends to work toward making most of the United States off limits to humans.

    This is the reason for the depopulation efforts. We are fighting more than just the EPA and the US government. Not a theory!!!


  13. Are you blind? did you read what i said? In regards to those oil wells needing to be shut down i agree with them, that doesnt mean i agree with the agency and all its decisions and internal workings, its corporatism and corruption that prevents the EPA from really doing what its intended job is suppose to be, not the politicians themselves. Also its a lack of regulation and safety standards and deregulation that allowed those oil spills to happen in the first place.
  14. You mean the MMS having coke parties with the very people they were supposed to be policing?

    Interior Probe Finds Fraternizing, Porn and Drugs at MMS Office in La. -

    The more you centralize power, the more corrupt it is. Environmental matters are better managed on a state level.

    Business interests would much rather prefer to bribe one agency with control over 300 million people as opposed to 50 separate agencies with limited authority.

    It's obviously cheaper for the special interests to pay off 1 entity versus 50.
  15. All i can say to that article is a big FUCK. YES.


    FUCK THE FED, where's my rifle?

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