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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by ILoveSpaghetti, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. so, i downloaded the ARMA 2 demo to see if i wanted to buy it (glad i did, if i had just bought it i would have been very dissapoint). anyway, i've been screwing around in the editor. does anyone have any fun stuff to do in it? ive just been making massive battles (200 people on each side! computer rapage though). also, does anyone have any tips with the editor, its pretty confusing.
  2. No advice on using the editor, but check out Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. It's a lot better, and way less buggy. Also runs a little smoother.
  3. i downloaded the demo for operation arrowhead last week and i'm loving it. i've decided to buy OA whenever i have the cash, it is a great deal just for the editor. i've been looking up tips on the editor online, and now i can create pretty bitchin scenarios in it with the demo stuff.
  4. Hey OP, figured this FAQ might help you a bit. Operation Arrowhead is apparently a lot easier to make missions with as well. When you start making good missions PM me them as well, haven't got into MP yet, not skilled enough, so need some fun scenarios.
  5. I fucking love Operation Arrowhead. But my computer cant run it well so i usually just play ACEmod on arma 1 online.

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