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Arkansas Dank Thread

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by guitardedhero, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. I pick up a zip or more every 3 days or so, I figured I'd start a thread showcasing Arkansas' finest instate and out of state buds. Feel free to post all your Arkansas dank.

    My latest pickup is Super Lemon Haze. Indoor Cali import. Price is $300/zip.

    All herb/kief/hash is stored in Herb Preserve jars exclusively. World's Best 420 Stash, Herb, Nug Jars and Containers by HerbPreserve.com

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  2. That's a cool tub how much do they cost ? And the weed looks fine as fuck

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  3. The jar pictured is the 1 ounce Trainwreck in their screwtop series. It runs $24. It holds 1.5 ounces perfectly. I have another .5 ounce of Super Lemon Haze in one of their XXX OG half ounce jar. That jar runs $20 and is prolly their most popular jar.
  4. Here's the rest of the Super Lemon Haze in a XXX OG half ounce jar, it runs $20 and holds .75 ounce perfectly. I also have a half ounce of outdoor Sour Diesel in another XXX OG jar shown in the last pic.

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  5. Looks like some serious dank. Bet it tastes good!
  6. Here's 1/4 ounce of some leftover Green Crack in the Himalayan Pre Roll jar. It holds 12 rolled joints but I use it as an herb jar as it holds a quarter ounce perfectly.

    I use their 1/8 ounce White Widow jar for my kief/hash. It holds an eighth ounce of bud perfectly but not much more.

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  7. Everyone seemed to like the Sour Diesel the best out of those 3, but I am really enjoying the Super Lemon Haze. The Green Crack prolly has the most pleasant smell oddly enough.
  8. very nice buds man, what part of ark u reside in?
  9. Central Arkansas.
  10. cool im north eastern I dont get anything like that -_-
  11. I'm in NW Arkansas
  12. Here's part of my latest pickup. 5 oz. of Heart Attack that barely fit in my QP Herb Preserve Sensi Star apothecary jar. Never heard of this stuff but it is very hard hitting and immediate high, no creeper with this stuff.

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  13. Looks good man
  14. Thx and welcome to GC!
  15. Awesome thread! I don't pick up as often as you but I will definitely share when I do! And I'll contribute the "Widow Maker" pics I have. :)





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  16. Not letting this thread die!
    My neighbor (59 yr old woman..chill as hell) gave me this for free tonight.


    She didn't say which strain or whether it's an indica or sativa. But it sort of feels like a hybrid, sativa dominant. Could be wrong though. Anyway, enjoy!

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