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Arizonas medicinal laws

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AZBLAZER420, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. So I looked up Prop 203 cause I was thinking about getting a MMJ card for anxiety and sleeping disorder. But it appears that you have to have a serious illness to get a MMJ card. Is this true or am I reading the wrong information.
  2. Yeah that's generally it. The proposition said people with chronic illness. That is the purpose of how MMJ got started. But the laws/rules won't be released fully until April. So we'll have to wait until then.
  3. Arizona:
    Hepatitis C
    Crohn's disease
    Alzheimer's disease
    cachexia or wasting syndrome
    Severe and chronic pain
    Severe nausea
    Seizures (including epilepsy)
    Severe or persistent muscle spasms (including multiple sclerosis).
    Please Note: Arizona's MMJ Laws are not yet active as of November 24, 2010

    and im from az also. scottsdale that is.
  4. it seems as though every state passes MMJ laws with the intention that people with cancer will get it.

    then after a few years(less ins ome states) it blows up[ and everyone ends up with a card, cause of back pain.
  5. In what states is it like that?
  6. Just like how people cry about pain and get oxy's and perc's I dont know how many people would get scripts from the dowtown pain center but just about everyone I knew. Or anti-deppressants... humans love mind altering substances whether its a caffiene soda or a needle full of meth.

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