Arizona Sheriff Babeu: Obama Causing Largest Prison Breaks in History

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  1. Newsmax - 5/18/2015 - Sheriff Babeu: Obama Causing 'Largest Prison Breaks in History'
    "Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu on Wednesday slammed reports that federal immigration officials had released more than 30,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records, telling Newsmax that President Barack Obama "and his administration have led the largest prison breaks in the history of our country."
    "These were the worst of the worst - even the ones that President Obama said at one time needed to be deported," said Babeu, the top law-enforcement officer in Pinal County in central Arizona, about 70 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.
    \n"Now, all of a sudden, we're releasing tens of thousands of them into our community in really such a reckless manner that how do we not hold the president and these officials as co-conspirators in their crimes once committed?"
    \nU.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Wednesday that it had released 30,558 criminal illegals in fiscal 2014, down from the 36,007 criminals let go the previous year.
    Unbelievable! This administration and its unending barrage of asinine, downright assbackwards and irresponisbly reckless policies probably represents the single largest threat to the health, wealth, and welfare of the American people that exists on the planet. Militant cults like ISIS cant do shit compared to the destructiveness of the cult of The State. This cult seems to have a knack for doing whatever represents both stupid and dangerous and they have the means and media cover to get away with it..

  2. How is this Obama's fault?

  3. How is this Obama's fault?

  4. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy directives flow down from Homeland Security which in turn reflects the president and his administration's policies. Policies that include the flaunting and stomping all over of state law (particularly that of Arizona), the hampering and undermining of law enforcement's capabilities at protecting its citizens, as well as ignoring existing Federal Immigration laws whenever it suits. 
    It's kind of obvious whose immigration policies the police and sheriff's depts across Arizona think is ultimately responsible for the unannounced dumping of criminals into their communities - criminals that aren't even here legally. 
  5. On the one hand Obama is a puppet or a figure head with little to no control, on the other hand, he has his Muslim fingers in every single bureaucratic pie in the land and is pulling every single string in the fucking universe.
    The Republican Book of Knots.
  6. :lol:

    Its funny to since nearly every Democrat and minority in this country has this unwavering allegiance to him. Yet everything he does fails, all bets never pan out. You would of thought last years fall elections would teach his supporters a thing or two. Literally every single Democrat who lost there job lost it from supporting this goon.
  8. And unfortunately if the dumb asses voted for a Republican (as if voting actually works) and we had a Republican president things would be any different let alone better. The shit still sinks just as bad no matter what pile it came from.
  9. America Tombstone.jpg
    I do not necessarily agree with this, but the fact that somebody went through the trouble to create it, is interesting. 
  10. America was dead long before that clown got his hooks in but it is still funny.
  11. it's just a blank tombstone that someone typed on in photoshop 
  12. I know, it's the thought that counts. 
  13. When in doubt, blame the black guy.
  14. More like too many kids. Good shop though. I think it looks better than the Obama one.
  15. The race card has been played so many times it is now invalid.
  16. I personally do enjoy the forum update, I think what you said is definitely more accurate
    I sick of that. Lastest race card is the holding up the AG Nom and there saying its based on her race. Give me a break every singular Democrat voted against Condi Rices conformation. Using there logic that makes them not only racism but sexist. No one today can fail on merit. Has to be race, anti-gay, or the war on women.
  18. So this was in 2012-2013. Is there an increase in crime for these regions since this release?

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