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Arizona, reasonable prices?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by headbandit, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. in our tri-city area of tempe, phoenix, and mesa, regs are cheap as shit, and premium kinds are pretty much never more than 60 per 8th. (anything more is considered a rip-off) it's kinda hard to get breaks with quantity, so it's often pointless to try to get a good deal with a lot. for 20 bucks a quad for regs, that is almost free if you ask me. my friend from detroit told me it was usually 90 for an O. that is fucking crazy. i'm curious about this. does your hometown have hot prices, or deep-stabbing rips? people here tell me that i should be grateful; is this a fact?
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    Chronic is on the low end of the spectrum, super headies on the high end. 20/g, 50-60/8th, 100-120/quad in AZ, I'm not sure about regs since I can't even get them. It sucks, how I have no regs hook ups is beyond me. Usually the other way around.
  3. yeah, it's funny. it seems like regs are getting pushed out like vhs, and chron and headies are the new format. it's like people always had it before and only serious smokers would regularly buy, now 14yr old kids are actually trying to say they can tell enough of a difference to spend six times the amount. where do regular people get their money for that shit anyway? I make decent money, and i know i'm broke because of it, what do really broke people do anyway? i still appreciate regs, i just never go out my way to get it, and like you were sayin,' it's hard to find now. but yeah, every person from age 12 to age 72 always talks about, "oh, did you try the new strain of this?" and hardly anyone is like, "oh this is just regular shit." things have changed since '02! heh hah!
  4. Man I'm in Mesa and my high grade guy ain't around any more. I have a very steady regs guy that hooks me up pretty well after I showed him how to make honey oil and hash. Although, I have come to the conclusion that I can't smoke any more so the vape is in process.
  5. in El Paso, Texas where i am right now
    60-75 an eight for some pretty dank shit.
    and regular bud (schwag) like 30 an oz.
    its mexican weed from the border.
    its pretty good. :bongin:
  6. Yes, and these prices are consistent for chron and headies across most of the state , from Tucson and Flagstaff.
  7. 20 bucks a quad


  8. Yo i'm from Yuma and we get some of the dankest shit that passes through San Diego. I've been somkin the snow cap for a couple days. hope to put up pictures of the next dank shit that rolles past agian.
  9. I live here in Glendale/Phoenix, and my guy only deals with dank. he charges me $60 for 1/8, but it is pretty amazing shit. right now he only has master kush and g13. i dont have any other people that sell mids or regs, so i cant say anything about those prices.

    Go AZ!!

    w00t, first post!!
  10. My old high grade guy would get me some bomb no-name indicas for $200/o, $100/.5,. I never bought less than .5 oz.
  11. right now i can find reg really easily.
    im in avondale az

    i can get an ounce for 60
    half for 30

    and getting good chrons for like 50-60 an 8th
  12. ive said this before but ive never seen mids since being here... only really good dank and super brick schwag. $60 for 1/8 and an ounce, accordingly!
  13. I miss arizona :(
  14. payin a bill for quads in chandler of good purps and diff danks
  15. payin 20 for 1.3 of some quality in Mesa, 45 for an eigth 90 a quarter, look at my pickup threads
  16. Man up in Cave Creek I can't find shit. Wtf.

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