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Arizona prop 203

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by walowan, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Got my early voters ballot and it's already filled out with a big old yes on Prop 203 and in the Mailbox waiting to be picked up tomorrow.
  2. Hoping the wife and I receive ours today; two more yes votes!:hello:
  3. For those of use who do not want to read the 35 page pdf in your link, enlight me as to what is Arizona prop 203, please?
  4. Arizona's proposal for Medical Marijuana.
    It is rather lengthy because they are trying to insure the wording doesn't kill the bill (if challenged). This hopefully will be the 3rd time Arizonians will pass the bill.:smoke:
  5. Already cast my vote. Big old YES on 203 :D
  6. We got our early ballots yesterday; they will be in the mail tomorrow with two more Yes on 203 votes. :hello:
  7. I've been driving a lot around here lately running errands. And every city I've been in, I've never seen a No on 203 sign. Just every other prop.

    We got this guys, or we better have this. If it wasn't for this I wouldn't of registered to vote.
  8. Only thing I don't like about the bill is you must live 25 miles away or more from a dispensary to grow your own marijuana.
  9. The law only allows for something like 124 dispensaries. Shouldn't be that hard to be more then 25 miles away from one. Unless you're in the heart of the city.
  10. Yep I am in the heart of the city :(
  11. It bothers me also, but first we will get it passed. :hello:

    Then we will get it tweaked so as not to be held hostage to dispensaries.
    Perhaps the first ones will take a while to spread. :cool:
  12. im in tempe, pretty sure im gonna have a despensery close.,.
  13. im in surprise. maybe I should open a collective here.

    either way, me and my wife voted YES. my mother and father also voted yes.
  14. Definately voting for this.
  15. At least 6 yes votes here in the household
  16. Hey if you do you should hire me, I want to work at a dispensary lol.
  17. I live in Tempe and am actually filling out the papers to apply for non-profit corp now.

    I have the funds to start this, now I just need to figure out how to do it right.

    You guys might start seeing me a bit more around here :)
  18. i hope 203 passes out there because i will be moving out there from cali (215 patient and grower) and will be lost if i cant legally be allowed to grow or be supplied with my medication.
  19. I am definitely voting yes on this. Very excited to have the chance to help pass this bill!

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