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Arizona blades?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonedOutBeavis, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Ok so wasnt really sure where to put this but im gonna put it here. Was wondering, where are some cool toking spots in Arizona? Getting ready to move out there and love the scenic areas so where do you all go?

  2. Depends what part of Arizona your at man. It's a huge state
  3. Im just looking for anyone in AZ to put in where they like to go and stuff, not sure where in the state I'll be but Im not too bad with finding places.
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    Colorado River near Yuma. I'm not an Arizona blade but I have blazed in this area. I have also blazed in the Grand canyon and Flagstaff. Blazed once driving through Phoenix. Blazed in Prescott at a rest area on highway 17.

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  5. that is an amazing picture, those are the kind of places im looking for
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    go to fossil creek in strawberry az its fresh water from a spring and has waterfalls you can jump off and a rope swing somewhere 
    also go to lake powell in page az its part of the colorado north of flag but get a boat and jet ski 
  7. I don't live in (never even been to arizonia) but i have heard a lot of havasu falls google it the water is literally turquiose.

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  8. Just checked out the falls, they look amazing, definitely gonna go there first thing. Looking at the Phoenix area so all will be good
  9. How easy is it to get a mmj card there, my brother is moving there and is curious
  10. Hes going to sedona, that place is awesome!
  11.  Can't be too hard, some of my dad's buddies have cards, they're healthy and younger than 50, never really asked them about it.
    I heard it's just really expensive (both mmj and the card), and you're better off getting it off the streets and using it illegally. 
  12. Sedona is pretty tight. Gotta love them rock formations lol

  13. Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, ect.

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  14. Definitely check out those falls, it is worth the whole 10+ mile hike down to them!  Also, Flagstaff is one of the best places to light up, I always seem to meet some really great people every time I go up there and the number of stars is mind blowing at night.  Monument Valley is pretty cool scenery, tubing down the salt river is a blast, and my final suggestion is to go to antelope canyon.  Those canyon slots are crazy! Whatever you're about man, Arizona has got you covered!

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