Arizona And Colorado Issue Recalls

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    I don't normally post up Benzinga articles because they are basically trying to sell you stocks, and I'm not interested. However, this time, they had the only article that listed both the Colorado and Arizona recalls.
    FYI- Aspergillus is a fungus that can cause a nasty cough in healthy people, but can be FATAL in people with a weak immune system!

    High Alert: Arizona And Colorado Issue Recall Of Marijuana Products, Citing Contamination Concerns

    Voluntary Recall Of Certain Marijuana Products In Arizona Over Contamination Concerns
    The Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) has reported that a number of marijuana businesses in Arizona have decided to voluntarily recall several of their products due to potential contamination concerns. The recalled items are mainly from the Plant/Trim category, and the AZDHS has released a statement providing further details on the affected cannabis products.

    These are the products identified for recall:

    • Batch number 5726 1079 0361 6347 of Muddy Waters by Source One Meds
    • Batch number 30476 of Mango Sunrise by Nature's Wonder
    • Batch number BO3221213H of Blood Oath by Potent Planet
    • Batch number JK230116H of Jenny Kush by Deep Root pHarm
    • Batch number BMAC230116H of Big Mac by Deep Root pHarm, reported Fox 10.
    AZDHS authorities have stated that the reason for the product recall is due to the possibility of contamination with Aspergillus fungus, a mold that exists both indoors and outdoors. They emphasized that, as of now, no illnesses have been reported in connection to the affected products.

    The officials clarified that they are taking this step as a precautionary measure. "ADHS Lab auditors found a possible Aspergillus contamination during a routine inspection of a marijuana testing laboratory where it was determined that equipment was misused according to the manufacturer," the department said in a statement. "Once ADHS discovered the potential contamination, the establishment involved took immediate action to work with all distribution and retail partners to remove any potentially impacted products.”

    Customers who purchased the recalled products should discard them immediately, said AZDHS. The statement also advised consumers to reach out to the dispensary or establishment from where they bought the affected products if they have any further questions.

    Colorado Marijuana Recall: Veritas and Durango Cannabis Co. Products Recalled Across the State
    Colorado's state marijuana regulators released two recalls pertaining to mold and laboratory testing issues, which have affected various dispensaries throughout the state. On March 20th, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) issued separate recalls for wholesale flower manufactured by Carrick-Harvest LLC (also known as Veritas Fine Cannabis) and for pre-rolled joints produced by Durango Cannabis Co, a dispensary located in Durango that also supplies wholesale products.

    The health and safety notice released by the MED for Veritas stated that all medical and recreational flower sold before March 14, 2023, is subject to the recall due to high levels of potentially unsafe mold.
    According to the MED, the recall was issued following several months of disputed testing. MED investigators discovered harvest batches that had undergone a separate decontamination process compared to their corresponding lab samples, rendering the tests unreliable. As a result, all batches from Veritas that were produced until March 14 have been declared a possible threat to public health and safety. (snipped)

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