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    I recently bought the Arizer Vtower off of ebay for 200$ in total after all fees of shipping and what not. Ive smoked vaporizers before. Everything from te MFLB to the Silver Surfer and even the Classic Volcanos, but i have never owned one before. I wasnt expecting the quality of an upscale vape for such a low price but i was suprised. The Vtower heats from 130-500 degrees farenheit, has digital controls, a 3 foot whip, glass components, comes with a plastic grinder, which isnt half bad, and a glass stirring rod. For 200$ it was a good deal. After trial and effort, i found a good temperature at 392 to vape my buds. LET THE VAPE SIT FOR TEN MINUTES ON THE TEMP YOU WANT BEFORE YOU EVEN TRY TO HIT IT !Any bud whether its dank or a bit dry, it vapes perfectly for a while too. You can get 15-20 Solid hits of dense vapor AND 10-15 smaller hits from. .3-.5 bowl pack in the vape at 392 farenheit. For 200$, you cant beat the deal. It has digital cotronls, glass/rubber whip, which stays cool and is a good length cuz the smoke is cool when it reaches your lung, all glass pieces. Its a mean vape for the price.

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  2. You got hosed. Vtowers are about 130
  3. Probably lives in Australia or something, otherwise I've seen them for around $130 too, sometimes less
  4. I paid 200 for the bag version, but I also got it used.
  5. You also got hosed. Eq's are about 170 new
  6. Yup, and 2-3 months ago I saw them for as low as $140 brand new
  7. This included shipping, grinder, pick, and 2 year warranty. Not a bad deal, at all.
  8. Almost every seller now is offering free shipping and a free grinder

    The 2 year warranty is through the manufacturer/Arizer, not the seller so thats a given either way

    $200 for a V tower is steep, considering the new EQ can be found for $150, but as long as you're satisfied it doesn't matter
  9. 175 EQ from puffitup with a grinder and shipping. 200 for a tower is rough, sorry glad you like it.
  10. Yup thats their latest promotion on the EQ, and I think theres already been a few models of the EQ, so the V Tower is a couple years old, don't quote me though

    They have the DBV for I think $180 shipped too after the 15% coupon

    You can get both vapes for $150 or less on ebay/amazon but then you have to go through the manufacturer for warranty which takes longer

    Unless your in Europe, Asia, or Australia, $200 is a bit high
  11. Couldnt complain hahah, I havent put the whip down once yet. Vaping is my new favorite form of administration for sure. My lungs have cleared up a bit, spedning less on bud, and getting better effects from using the vape. So far in the past week and a half, the vape is a quarter paid for itself. Couldnt complain
  12. I believe that if you buy the DBV through Amazon or Ebay, your warranty is null and void.

    From 7th Floor:

    "Da Buddha™ Vaporizers purchased from Ebay that are not sold under the 7thFloorSales account are not covered by warranty in any way, shape or form. Also, vaporizers purchased from the following are NOT covered by our warranty. We strongly advise against purchasing the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha vaporizers from these sellers: (despite the name, this is NOT a 7th Floor, LLC site)"
  13. Dam dude I got thr eq this month on ebay for 154$ with a free 3 day select air shipping, free grinder and 2 extra free bags(4 in total)
    And it still also comes with the warrenty
  14. And THIS is why it is sooooo important to do research and ask questions both here and at FC regarding price, function, etc etc etc before purchasing ANY vaporizer.
  15. I looked at fc. Isnt the tower a step lower from the eq? Or without the bag feature
  16. Yup, good call

    they'll still fix it for $25 plus shippign I believe. I bought mine local because I wanted the warranty, beats saving $20, waiting a week, and not having a warranty.

    The Vtower is the model before the EQ with no bag feature

  17. Dont forget to save your ABV I put mine on a pb and jam sandwich an hour and a half latter joke
  18. Ive just been stashing the vaped buds. Already vaped 8-9 grams outta it, and its the best route of admin in my opinion. Beats out smokin from papers or glassware, and is def a competitor of strenth compared to edibles. I have about 3.5 grams in vaped so far, only 25 grams more till i can whip up a batch of brownies or a round of cannabudder :hello:

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