Arizer V Tower Vaporizer and Concentrates:

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  1. I use a V-Tower vaporizer (and a MFLB) and have never used any concentrates. Is it possible to use concentrates with my vaporizer/s? I so, what kind of concentrates and how would I use them?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. In the mflb, i know for a fact you can throw in kief, and pressed/cold water hash, but i recommend throwing some bud in there too so it doesnt melt into a brick of hash in there..... and also, beware of the temp... if you hold the battery in for too long, it wont just start to burn lightly and smoke, it will spew out clouds of smoke from the hash lol, and it happens quicker than it would for bud

    As for the V tower... ive heard but can not confirm if you break off the end of a q-tip and soak it in hash oil... you can throw that in there and it wont melt the q-tip, but it will vape the oil... never tried, nor do i have a v-tower...

    But one thing i know a vape wont melt... steel wool..... but i also have never tried this, my friend suggested it though... take some steel wool, particularly the "fine" kind with a smaller mesh to it... and just coat a small piece in oil and toss it in the vape... the metal isnt going to melt/burn... and shouldnt be treated with anything that will, but that oil should vape off

    Though, i havent done either.... so....
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