Arizer V-Tower for $140?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Colts, May 27, 2010.

  1. Great price, but if you're not buying it from an authorized dealer, your warranty will be null and void, regardless what it says on ebay. Contact Arizer for further clarification to make sure that they are in fact, an authorized reseller.
  2. well I really don't want to deal with warranties. I thought if I buy a new vape that is from a reliable company, that it would work well(most likely).
  3. well,great deal man
    but the price is a bit low,
    what you say?

  4. Well the ad says:
    Well the extreme q runs for 200 I think on ebay. This guy says it has a manufacturers warranty sinces hes a reseller. I could see the remote, fan, and balloon would take $60 off and make it 140 instead of 200.

  5. says it doesn't come with the fan? The fan is an internal part that is necessary to make bags and stuff. I'd contact the seller first to figure out WTF he means.

    Or, you can do what I did - get a brand new Extreme Q (unopened, with all parts) for $220 shipped off ebay. The V-Tower is pretty old, and the Q absolutely rapes. I've even heard of people getting them for $200 off ebay, so I say spend the extra $60 and get the best.
  6. Well I really don't want to spend that much as other vapes work fine. I don't need the bag or the controller for it. is the extreme q way better or what?

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