Arizer Solo VS Ascend

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ogsurfer, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. This thred most likely already exists but i want to ask anyways. I am thinking about buying a vaporizer for the first time and I can't choose between the solo and the ascend. The most important things for me are
    a) the vapor quality
    b)the amount of hits you can take from one bowl
    c)battery life(posibility to use it while charging)
    d) the smell
    e)size of the bowl
    Thx in advance

  2. I have never used the ascend but favorite by far so far for portable vapes is the Solo..

    Solo Dolo

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    I would say for your needs the solo would be better.  The main advantage imo of the ascent is that it is significantly smaller than the solo and that it has digital temperature controls.  But personally, the vapor quality and efficiency of the solo is much higher.
  4. The main advantage of the ascent over the solo is significantly better tasting vapor. 
    ascend*  :laughing:
  6. I just bought an arizer solo M1D around $150 on ebays . Love it . air flow isnt that big of an issue and clouds are HUGE. Get blazed off one stem of good stuff and 2 stems of mids. No smell....Great taste. New one can be used while charging (m1C,m1d) Battery Life is what you would expect of a small red bull can that heats up to ~400â—‹  I love it though for the price I can get a new one each year and totally worth it!

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