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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RatchetBooty, Oct 11, 2014.

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    Hey guys, I know I've been posting a lot of threads asking which vaporizer I should get but I still haven't figured out which one would be the best one for me. My price budget is $200 and I need something that's portable. I was thinking about getting the Arizer Solo. Is this a good choice? If not could you guys give me a better suggestion? Something that's $200 or less in price. I don't really need discreetness, and I want something that would give me a good amount of vapour. A lot of people told me I should get the hammer but then other people told me it's not that good. 

  2. I would literally choose most portable vaporizers over the solo at this point. Like I told you in PMs its just simply not worth owning.
  3. Which vaporizer would you say is the best I can get that's under $200?
  4. If portability is your main concern the solo might not be right for you. I own one and I take it out with me all the time, I bought the car charger and that was a great investment. Its not very discreet looking but the smell is minimal. Dont get me wrong I love it, but its not exactly the best travel vape

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  5. I still think its impossible to beat the hammer under that price. I would probably take the inhalater, firefly, ascent over it but they are more expensive.
  6. Well portability isn't really my main concern as it's not a problem carrying it around. I don't want a desktop one. I'm basically just looking for a vaporizer that's really good under the price of $200.

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  7. Still looking for some more suggestions. I'm looking to buy a vaporizer that's not a desktop one that's under $200.

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    If portability is not your main concern, get yourself one of these:  
    But seriously, if portability is not a concern, why get a portable?   Just curious.
  9. Well I mean. I don't need something super small like the magic flight launch box, as long as the vaporizer is good I'm fine with carrying it around in my bag. I can't buy a desktop one as 9.9/10 I do not smoke in the house so it wouldn't really be useful to me.

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  10. Well from personal experience I have had with my MFLB it may be small but she has one good kick to her. I never thought I would get high off of the little amount I put in her but she sure does the job.

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  11. I heard good things about the MFLB too but I heard that the battery life is absolutely terrible on it.

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    I've had my MFLB for 4 years and still using the original batteries.    If people get terrible battery life than it is how they are using their MFLB and charger that is the problem.   I get about 18 hits from one batt.
    Also, MF has introduce their glyph batts that are even better than the batts I have.
  13. Just to be honest though 18 hits is pretty much crap compared to a lot of the portables on the market that can easily offer double, triple, some even more the amount of hits per charge. MFLB batteries are basically good for a session to me at a time. The best way around this issue is just to have a few batteries that you can rotate through and run it off the power adapter at home.
    I guess it really depends on personal usage.    I use my MFLB for maintenance hits after liftoff from my LSV.    So used in this way, one batt lasts me about a week and a half.     For a heavy user where the MFLB is their primary vape, I can see how this could be a major hassle.

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