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Arizer Solo Lifetime Guarantee

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by omg nipz, May 19, 2013.

  1. A few months ago I purchased an Arizer Solo from a distributor off  It shared the same lifetime Guarantee that you would get if you bought it off the Arizer website but it was a little cheaper.  I received the unit and was very happy with it.  Until one day sadly it broke, just wouldn't charge for some reason or another.  So I messaged the guy who sold it to me and he told me to send it to him so he could fix/replace it.  I did that and a week later I got a new unit!  That one was broken as well.  Same problem, wouldn't charge.  Now at this point I was very aggravated and messaged him again asking him if I could get a discount on a higher end model or something like that for my troubles.  He said all he could do is pay for my shipping and handling.
    A few weeks go by and I still haven't sent it in because I was so angry at the item.  until a few weeks ago i thought I should give it another try.  I'll send it in and hopefully this time the unit won't malfunction like the last two did.  
    I send it in and wait about a week, with no response and no new item in the mail.  So I send him another email asking what's going on, why's it taking so long?  Turns out he moved locations and I sent it to his old address.  He replied saying "I'll contact the guy who took over the space and see when I can pick it up".  That was two weeks ago.  I sent him two emails asking "did you get in contact with the guy who took over the space" and no reply.
    Is this my fault for not messaging him before I sent it in?  How should I go about Getting My vaporizer back?  
    It had a lifetime guarantee!


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