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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RubberUndies, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hey fellow blades.

    Has anyone ever actually USED the warranty on their solo ?

    I have the older ceramic model m-102 and i just feel its behind somehow....always hearing ss is better battery life and doesn't have the weird smell...... If it were to start "chipping" or something to require a new unit.

    How good is the customer service and from start to finish how long did it take for you to have a new SS one in your hands ? I heard dealing with shipping to and from Canada is a bitch when dealing with their customer service
  2. For the record I've heard Ceramic runs hotter, and I have the new model and put it on 5-7 rather than 3-5 like you =p.

    Robot farts and chipping aren't fun though. If I were you I may hold on to it. But I can't really say ofc, sometimes I wish I had ceramic if it was hotter. The grass is always greener on the other side eh?

    (Dono much about warranty though, I know they used to send you a free one if you had a ceramic but now I think you have to send yours in before you get a replacement)
  3. I just sent the an email this morning so ill await a reply.

    And maybe mine does run hotter ? Idk. I usually run lower temps cause i like the mind buzz over "Im stonneddd sleeeeep" haha
  4. It certainly runs hotter than mine. I dig low temps too! 5 IS the low temp for me. Below that I get pretty much no vapor.

    I can't finish a bowl without going to 7. 6 doesn't cut it.
  5. Your kidding me ? I didn't know the heat difference was that great.

    So when i emailed them i said its chipping and stinking currently (its not doing either but if it does down the road i wanna know what will happen)

    Well i was actually told by customer service just now they are known to run hotter. Blah blah something about it all organic and even if a peice did HAPPEN to make it all the way into my lungs its safe. And to keep using my solo until they figure out what to do with me warranty wise

    Then asked for a Bunch of info and pics and sales receipt which i dont have.

    But i think ill keep it if it does run hotter..... I can literally finish a whole bowl on 4l3 if i wanted.... Won't get DARK brown but Im getting great hits at 3 and it turns it brown enough for me to slam it up to 5 which will guarantee i finish the bowl haha...

    I've never tried 7 on this bad boy....hmmmm lol
  6. The ceramic ones do run hotter. The M105's were the coldest ones. The M106+ are the middle ground

    My M1A is the same thing, 4 is little vapor, i hardly use it. 5 is ideal and most used, 6 is the highest I'll go dry, 7 for bongs

    The new ones have crappy battery indicator's too. My M106 I'd get 10 bowls before the battery indicator was at 1. My M1A I get about 6 bowls before battery indicator is at 1
  7. My experience with the M1A is pretty identical to that. At least its nice to know my units working as its supposed to.
  8. Love my ceramic arizer solo then.

    Ended up getting it for flat out 160 no tax or anything. Pretty dam good from a headshop. I must of called every single head shop in Washington. Lowest elsewhere was like 200 plus tax.
  9. M106 ran at the same temp, but teh battery indicator was more realistic. These new ones, one bowl means a drop in battery by 1 number, but not really a big deal. Technically you can get 3-4 bowls safely after temp 1 on the new units.

    Probelm with going through Arizer is it has to go through customs, which means has to be super clean. My Solo died after about 7 months, but I bought mine through Puffitup and those guys took care of it pretty well. I think I got it in 8 days round trip. Of course Arizer/Canada might take 14-16 days.

    Thats one of the reasons I bought the DBV, its my backup vape incase something happens again. Going back to smoking out of a bowl sucked big time around the Thanksgiving holidays.
  10. Dude this is the EXACT reason my mflb never got sent in.... I didn't want to even think of being forced to Smoking ONLY... Fuckkk..... Ill send my mflb in tomorrow for a replacement. Then have that as back up..... Then buy a silver surfer as triple back up....wait for the next big thing in vapes and buy that as my quad back up....... Yea....yea... Then ill feel secure..... Everytime i smoke the taste kills me
  11. If you're just buying a backup, get a log vape or a DBV.

    I bought the DBV for simplicity, it'll never break really, other than the switch and heating element, its just the casing. And even if it does, cost $25 to get it fixed through the mnfg.

    I'd sell the MFLB if you can when you get the new one, put that money towards the backup. You can probably sell your "new" MFLB locally for $70-75, add another $75, and pick up a DBV. I bought mine locally for $160. I'll admit it doesn't get used much (2-3x a week), but when i use it blows me the heck away.
  12. Yeah a DBV seems like a perfect backup to me.

    I feel secure with Life Saber, Solo, and VG if necessary.
  13. I have been wanting a log vape very badly lately. This might be the purchase i seek lol.
  14. I HAVE wanted an Underdog...
  15. Yea me too. It was tough to choose between an UD and DBV, two different vapes of course.

    I picked the DBV for heat up time mainly, but it could have easily been an UD or used CRZ

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