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  1. Hey guys so I have furthered narrowed down my very first vaporizer selection to these 2 powerhouses, the arizer solo 2 and the mighty. I should note that I am always quite a lightweight. I have come to terms with the fact that the battery is going to fail one day and if I go with the mighty I will just take the $90 hit for a new one. However do Arizer do a similar thing with their solo 2's. Anyway these are the main qualities I am looking for:

    - Cleaning: I know the solo 2 is super easy but is that mighty THAT much harder. How often do you believe I will have to clean either vape if using 1-2 times per week??

    - Effect/High: I want to get baked, will both of these achieve this in a similar ish time frame?

    - Efficiency: The less bud used the better!!

    Especially looking for feedback from those who have tried/own both. All feedback is appreciated though!!

    EDIT: Might I add that this will be used 1-2 times a week as primarily a session vape with a friend or 2
  2. The main difference between these two vapes is air restriction. While the Solo 2 improved on the original Solo in this regard, the Mighty is the king when it comes to air restriction in portables.

    How often you would need to clean is really dependent on the quality of your herbs along with how many hits do you take per session. There is no general rule here. The Solo though, is easier to clean than the Mighty.

    Effect..........both the same but I think the Mighty will get you there quicker than the Solo,

    Efficiency..............Solo, especially if you take out the stem in-between hits.
  3. Cleaning is super easy: soak the glass in isopropyl and leave it there for a bit. I'd smoke with one while soaking the other and then swap 'em out to always have a clean glass. honestly, you will get higher the cleaner the glass is, so clean at least once a week or after every couple uses. it pays off.

    Effect/high: well... you answered this in your second sentence lol. neither vape will be the issue here.

    Efficiency: ...yes. for extra efficiency, save the avb in a container to use for later.

    Source: Have used the arizer pretty extensively

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