Arizer Extreme Q VS Extreme Q 4.0

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by macpatty, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I'm looking into buying a vaporizer through an amazon retailer and am deciding if I should pay $218 for the Extreme Q 4.0

    [ame=] 2010 Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Herbal Vaporizer + 2pc Aerospaced Brand Grinder!: Everything Else[/ame]

    Or if I should save a little bit of money and pay $186.20 for the older version

    [ame=] The Extreme-Q Aromatherapy Vaporizer: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    The second listing says its a Q, but after doing research it has a different product description. Soooo my question is does anyone have experience with both, and lets get some feedback as I'm ready to send in the order tonight. (ALSO I DON'T WANT TO VOID A WARRENTY, ARE VAPORIZER RETAILERS ON AMAZON STILL GOING TO LET ME MAINTAIN MY WARRENTY?)
  2. I say go with the older one and buy bud with the leftover cash. Most of the time on amazon, if there is a bad review its because somebody is a very picky prick. Lol but if the product has alooot of bad reviews then dont get it.
  3. Ya well I got two plants that will be chopped down in a months time. I'm just looking to see if anyone has had any mechanical issues with either. I dont care about noise or the blue led light and thats the only difference I seem to be finding.
  4. if thats the case you should just go with the best you can get, I mean if its of good quality then it will last you for a while (sorry for not answering your technical question)
  5. Go on Ebay and order one, just don't get it from the seller Rubberneck. I got one for $156 shipped last week so I'll get it when I get back from vacation.

  6. Whats wrong with Rubberneck? What seller you get yours throught?

  7. Hey guys I emailed a couple sellers and they all said that the warrenty is void unless purchased at 199.99 for the old one, and 299.99 for the new one. oh well, why not rubberneck in this case if warrenty doesnt work with any? they selling refurbished or some shit?
  8. who cares about warranty really i mean 156$ replacement parts are fucking cheap,if your careful you shouldn't need one. I bought mine for 260$ a year ago or more
  9. i have one and i love it, i have had mine for over a year. unfortunately mine did break but i shipped it back to them and they deeemed it unfixable and had a brand new shipped out next day ( with 3 day shipping). the time without it was not so fun, i use it all the time.
  10. I bought mine through TheOtherSide on Ebay, they have extremely good customer service and would take care of any problems you might have with it, most likely the warranty also. I did have a 10% discount though, so far I have liked the Q 4.0 alot. The bags are very fun to use and I just got done ripping them out of the WS Smellchecker.
  11. should make a vid of the smellchecker wanna see it rip
  12. seconded
    id also like to hear what people say about the extreme q

    what the diofference between the q and the v?
  13. The fan in the original Extreme was said to be very loud and annoying, often could be heard over a TV. The "Q" is the quieter version of the Extreme, but as far as i know that is the only major difference.
  14. Review and video will be up today!

    The Q does still make a good amount of fan noise but I really don't see how it is a problem.

  15. you like the bags? i ve found the hose rips way better and you get better clouds. The bags also require a waiting time which is a bummer for large groups. I find that using the whip better in pretty much all situations ( note i also have a 7 foot hose)
  16. vapor is the way to go
  17. This is good news, I was thinking it would cost me 300 for one of these babies. But if I can get one that does exactly the same thing at 150 bucks, sign me up! :cool:
  18. The people i got em from havnt even mailed it out yet I wouldnt recommend using Ebay
  19. I recieved my in 3 days using The Other Side off Ebay, they have very good customer service and ship super fast. Sorry about your luck with other retailers, hopefully you get it soon.

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