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  1. After a little research, I bought my first vaporizer... a Arizer Extreme Q 4.0. While I do feel the effects, it lacks the same mental ass-whooping my pipe gives. I was hoping some of you seasoned vets could help me make sure its not user error.

    I keep it set at 375F and load the bowl about halfway up the visible glass portion (per the manual) with ground up herb and let it sit a few minutes. After about ten very minty/herbal-tasting pulls I mix up the bud a bit and do maybe 6 or 8 more before there is no taste left at all. My wife and I both would prefer to vape for health and odor reasons but when we use it as described above, it just doesn't pack the same punch i'm we're used to.

    Thoughts? If this is normal, so be it... I just want to be sure we are doing it right. Thx
  2. Try elbow packing it. I think they talk about it in the manual. As for temperature I start at 200c then work my way to 220c. This works for me. You could also use the fan to assist a pull when your using the wand make sure to stir the bed every once in a while as well
  3. Vaping is a much lighter, cleaner high. But does not pack the same low as combusting will. I vape in the morning. And combust at night usually. Its Just a different high.

    Like the Guy said above. Elbow pack it. Pack it in the screen on the whip it will be upside down but will work great. Will give much thicker hits.

    Check out the vaporpedia page on the unit. Most info you'll ever need will be there.
  4. 1) Try packing the elbow for whips... I do not pack the elbow for bags
    2) Here is how i vape with my EQ..
    a) with bags i will start at 170C.. 2nd bag i will go to 180C... 3rd bag @ 200C.. 4th bag at 220-230C.. this will be accomplished on roughly a 1/4 of my cyclone bowl filled
    b) with the whip i pack the elbow.. and start @ 200C.. and go as high as 230C

    you can also attach your EQ to a bong with a 18.8 joint.. which allows for bigger rips
  5. Thanks for the info, guys. Although I haven't tried an elbow packed rip yet, I've noticed a huge diff by using bags and a higher temp. All three of you use a higher temp than I did. User error after all :)

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