Arizer Extreme Q issue?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by CynicalMindset, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I just recently bought the Arizer Extreme Q, and think I'm doing something wrong with it. It just doesn't produce any vapor. The only time it seems to is when the temperature is really high, and even then, it's very little. Except one bowl I did last night, that was toking normally. One of my friends has the exact same vaporizer, and I've been using it the exact same way he always does, but getting no results.
    Would putting it too high produce no vapor? I always figured the higher it was the more vapor you'd get.
    Maybe it's just a problem with the heating element, but I can feel the glass getting really hot.
    I feel a mild effect from it after a while, even with little/no vapor, but I figured that could be produced just from sucking on a hose for a while, lol.
  2. How long are you giving it to heat up? What temp are you at?
  3. try 220 C. Stick some finely ground herb in the chamber, hook up the bag, turn on the fan, and see what happens.
  4. How are you using it? Are you doing the whip or bag? If you are using the whip.. try doing an elbow pack.. where you pack the screen in the elbow instead of putting your weed in the cyclone bowl.... should make things better

    I get visible vapor from 160C-220C

    btw.. have you tried checking to see if its actually heating up? maybe your heating element is faulty
  5. I am also having a problem with my extreme q vaporizer from Arizer. I turn the vape on and it automatically increases to 260 Celsius. I cannot change the temperature with the + or - buttons on the remote, or the up and down buttons on the vape itself. Any idea what I am doing wrong or how I can fix this. Thanks.
  6. What temperature are you using? Are you filling the bowl too the top? Is your weed grinded by a grinder or broken up by hand? How long are you letting it heat up?
  7. These are EXCELLENT questions to ask the OP, you obviously have experience with the EQ :)

    To the OP:
    Unless you are vaping dank, higher temps are needed to produce vapor. Dank will give me vapor starting around 365F, but for mids I usually have to crank it up to 401F to get noticeable vapor.

    If the bowl is filled too much, the airflow is constricted and could be the cause of your lack of vapor. I suggest filling the bowl up no more than halfway, or packing the elbow screen.

    Grinding up your bud finely is CRUCIAL. Breaking it up by hand isn't enough; you want to maximize the surface area of your bud. Just throwing a nug in or breaking it into a few pieces doesn't work, you really need to use a grinder.
  8. hey SO I TESTED THE SUGGESTIONS i had same problems. packing bowl in elbow screen and cooking at 220 resolved problem! also remember to clean ur elbow screens by boiling them when they get covered in black!
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  9. i know its like 6 years later but incase anyone else has this same problem where ur not getting vapor and ur cranking the heat, this resolves it.
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