Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 vs Da Buddha

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by fairy boots, May 12, 2012.

  1. Which would you buy? I'm kind of torn between the two. Help me out. Stories? Your own experience? Thank you!
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    Da Buddha

    I found da Buddha to be more user friendly, less of a learning curve. They're both good vapes.
  3. If it were me I'd get Da Budda. They are both good vapes. the Q is more of a jack of all trade. But I don't care much for bags.
  4. I've never hit a bag but I sure love my DBV just be sure never to knock the wand too hard when placing it in the vape or tilt it back toards the vape as you will combust whatever hits the heating element.

    Place it a hair under 50% power leave it heating for a few mins while I queue up some music, no more than 3-5mins for some good heat. Then vape away increasing slowly to a max of prob about 70% power for me. I also save the vapor poo for edibles and such, I recommend you do the same.
  5. Pretty much what nanners said.

    Da Buddha is a better whip vape than EQ, but the EQ also does bags.

    Personally I have no need for bags, so I'd get Da Buddha.
  6. So, are bags bad? What's the big difference between the two, other than the fact that one is a whip and one is a bag?

  7. They are not bad, I just don't prefer them. Other people like them, though. I like the taste and draw of a whip better. My boyfriend likes both thats why he has a Q.
  8. [quote name='"fairy boots"']So, are bags bad? What's the big difference between the two, other than the fact that one is a whip and one is a bag?[/quote]

    They're arguably better for groups but personally I feel that you get less control over the vapor, and it is a bit staler due to sitting in a bag. There's also more surface area and time for the vapor to condensate on the bag. Its not going to be a large amount, but I still prefer a whip for flavor and control.
  9. Ive had both and I prefer the Q.\tU gotta love remote And fan. The fan built into the Q is very user friendly if your not use to vaping. ( got a few friends that smoke blounts still and they have hard time with the different breathing technics required to fully extract the thc out of leaf.... In other words after about the first 10 or so good pulls they say its not hitting, ”their not getting anything” I hit it and blow out thick cloud of vapor. The DBV u just have to keep explaining take long slow pull, the Q you cut the fan on 3 and blow everybodies back out.
    I don't really use bag feature on Q, unless i go to movies or a buffet or something. Nothing like inhaling a half of bag of vapor at once And go watch The Avengers or something.
    I didnt like how u bump the DBV And your shit flames up when it touchs heating element. Oh And my DBV circut board blew out... So i bought my Extreme Q.
    Im not bashing Da Buddha but it broke my heart when it stopped cutting on. Was my first vaporizer And loved it. Went through alot of glass peices. Been vaping about 2 years after about 10 years of multiple blounts a day. Best thing i ever did in my cannabis career.
    If i had to choose id go with the Q. Fan And remote are cool And digital display wins me over.
  10. Dbv. Pretty easily
  11. I'd say the EQ is better for a first vape. it's obviously more complicated (yet still easy to use), but you get the bag option too. personally, I'd say the EQ has less of a learning curve. I've owned a dbv, ssv, and EQ; of those, I combusted in both the dbv and ssv, but never the EQ.
  12. Out of my friends and myself we have the DBV, SSV, EQ and LSV (on the way)

    All the vapes were awesome and couldnt really pick one apart when it comes to the high it gives you.

    DBV is a strong motherfucker, it will never break unless you decide to tamper with it and fuck it up.
    EQ was ALOT easier than the DBV to master and also was very user friendly (electronic display and the 360degree rotation).

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