Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer Review [Pictures + Videos]

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  1. Well I've been toying with the idea of getting a vape, I bought a Da Buddah last year for a gift and I have used it on several occasions, I wanted something that was able to bag and whip and stumbled across the Extreme Q and was pretty hooked and reading some reviews on FC.


    Purchased: The Other Side on Ebay, I have ordered from them in the past and they have extremely good customer service, they will do absolutely everything to make sure you are happy. I wouldn't hesitate to order anything from them.

    Price + Shipping: $156.41 (with 10% discount)

    Order Date: Dec 30, 2010

    Arrived: Jan 4, 2011











    Bag Inflation Time/Demo
    [ame=""]YouTube - Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer Bag Demo[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Extreme Vaporizer 3D Health Animation by Got[/ame]

    Overall Rating (9.5/10):
    The new Extreme Q 4.0 is upgraded with a new Midnight Chrome finish, along with a cooler more compact design. Also included in the upgrades is the new 3 year warranty, clear view LCD screen, "fast heat" ceramic heating, 3 heat sensors, redesigned with solid state circuitry which makes it 50% more energy efficient, and still comes with a remote.

    The Extreme Q 4.0 Includes:

    • 1 Remote Control
    • 2 Balloons
    • 1 Mini Whip for Balloons
    • 1 Three Foot Whip
    • 2 Extra Interchangeable Mouthpieces
    • Potpourri Dish
    • 2 Cyclone Bowls
    • 1 Glass Stirring Tool
    • Extra Screens
    • Instruction Manual
    I will say vaping out of the bag is my favorite, I preheat the vape at 210C then back it down to 180C for the first bag and move up in 10C increments after each bag. The Extreme take about 1 min and 50 seconds to completely fill the bag, that is on the Fan 3 setting.

    The whip is also very nice to use, you can use the "Vapor on Demand" function to control the vape by yourself or use the "Forced Air" modes with the remote. I didn't think I would like the forced air because the hit would be airy but that wasn't the case at all.

    After smoking out of both The Da Buddah and the Extreme Q 4.0 I would go with the Extreme because of how functional it is with the whip and bag system. The Da Buddah may get a little thicker hits but the Extreme is just as good with the whip. I have found that the Extreme only takes about 1 min and 15 seconds to warm up but I usually let the unit sit at 210C for 10 mins to get everything warmed up. The remote is a must have as you can control the whole unit sitting on the couch which is very nice. The reason I didn't rate it a perfect ten is because they could have used some better quality buttons and maybe a nicer remote but I'm not really going to complain about that. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and look forward to staying smoke free!

    If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask!

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    Man its nice to see a nice new shinny eq,mines not anymore :(.If you turn the eq up to like 260c(max),you can get nice milky hits with your bong. I would say thats where the Da Buddhas temp is around ,but i'm not sure. I think the Extreme q is the best bang for your buck,you got everything all in one,bag,whip and you can take fat vapor rips from a bong and you don't need any attachments,plus it had the best reviews. Thats why i picked it,had to choose from db,ssv and the herbal aire. The best bags are on fan speed 1,the slower,the thicker the bags. Great review!
  3. Awesome review I've been thinking about buying one of these. Hows the build quality? do you think it would last?
  4. do you need to buy an attachment so you can smoke it out of a bong?
  5. The unit itself is pretty light but it seems very sturdy and it would definitely take a good fall once or twice.

    You can actually use the elbow off the bag attachment and use it in your bong if it has a 18.8mm joint.
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    i dropped mine a couple times and spilled water into too,still alive.
  7. Haha aaand you can use the bag attachment to make yourself an attachment to hotknife hash through a bong.

    Oh and its a hell of a vape
  8. Wow, you spilled water in it and it still works! Pretty impressive!

    Every time I use it I get more and more impressed, still figuring out the temps that I like though.
  9. Ya man awesome review, I've been loving my Q4, still adjusting temps tho. I am on F so 365 and 374 is my ideal vaping temp. I don't pack it through the elbow and just loosely drop it in. I'll be experimenting different setups in the future. Thanks for review!
  10. Is there a break in time before first use?

    How do you know when the bud is done with? I'm purchasing one tonight and want to know what i'm doing when I use it!
  11. My unit warm up to temp in around 2 mins, although you should let it sit for 10-15 to let all the parts warm up. When the bud is done it usually has a distict taste and you will see that it will be brown in color. Do not throw away your vaped bud, you can use it to make a variety of things. Hope you enjoy your new vape!
  12. So let it sit for 10-15 before using? How about first use, I know some need to be ran for 30 minutes for the first time.

    Also you say save the bud for other uses, like cookies?
  13. We never let it sit that long, we generally turn it on before doing anything, grind and load the bowl while its warming up, then by the time that is done its usually to temp...which is usally 355-365
  14. this is my vape :D

    started with bags when i got it and now im a whip KINDA guy.

    cause i learned something on this forum. if you are doing whip. you have the bowl with the black tape at the top. then a corner piece that connect to the tube.

    well if you grind up your weed, you can stuff it in the corner piece bowl instead of it being in the big bowl.

    such nice hits!!

    i love it. o and i use a higher temp like 240-250 =/
  15. Yup, I let it sit at around 210ish for 10-15 mins while I grind my bud, get water, ect. When you first use your vape I would suggest running it for a min of 30 mins on the highest temp to burn off all the manufacturing oils. You can used the AVB (already vaped bud) for edibles or making hash also.

    Yes it will get to temp very quickly but if you let your unit warm up say another 20 mins the temp will be more accurate to the readout. This is all caused by the whole unit warming up and not just where the temperature is read.


    *Graph is from MadScientist625 at FC*

    I use the whip through my bong and also do elbow packs, I do like the occasional bag though!
  16. was thinking about getting a vape cause better on your lungs and this looks sick from what i can tell so far but could you put up a link to the seller or somthing i cheacked ebay and there are like 40 of em
  17. Your glowing review prompted me to buy one - should be here next week!
  18. If there something I can read online on how to use a vap? Never have so I want to be fully prepared.
  19. Just type "extreme q 4.0" into the search bar and you'll find them. The Other Side is currently out of stock on this item.

    Glad I was of help, enjoy your vaporizer!

    [ame=]YouTube - How to Use Instructions by The V-Tower Vaporizer by Arizer[/ame]

    This video explains pretty much everything you will need to know. Just remember to burn off the manufacturing oils for 30ish mins before your first use.
  20. Does it only display Celsius or does it have Fahrenheit also? Do you have to use different temperature settings for the bag and whip or does it all stay the same? I'm trying to decide between the two.. All the buttons on the extreme worry me because if one goes out i'm sure the vape is done for.. How long do the bags last before you have to order new ones? And where do you get new ones for cheap?

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