Arizer Air original battery

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Space Camp, Jan 15, 2023.

  1. Am I able to charge my air battery on a standard 18650 charging dock or do I absolutely need one of the arizer brand chargers?
  2. so long as its balanced = no issue

    my DaVinci charger died years back and found my old telephone answering machine dock, suited very well,

    check the numbers on the old unit to compare

    good luck
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  3. my god look at all them dead bodies above
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  4. I've got like three old davincia that the freakin charger messed up ... the wire snapped at the plug, not a good support at teh plug and proprietary plugs at at that LOL.... I now only use usb, usb-c type of chargers with my vapes, no proprietary plugs that leave me needing to either buy a new adapter or just stop using the vape entirely
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  5. No doubt! I have been meaning to update my vapes although I do have a desktop arizer as well. With my original air I feel like I'm smoking vinyl with how many newer options there are
  6. from: Then the Dino Vape the Da Vinci #1 Died
    the vape is now an old Junker, a collectable pre 5volt usb, good advice on those proprietary plugs tho
  7. I ended up only using that thing with a tapered cork put on the tip and through a water piece ... was great to have that bendable straw piece for ease of use , teh tastes though that thing was a conduction beast ... tasting l;ike flat out ASS after a while I kept on hitting it LOL .. great effects no doubt , those were the days .. came from an iolite to a davinci to a Fury edge .
    @Space Camp honestly I have not even checked in a few years whats available ... when the post office was going to ban vapes in the mail way back I bought three Fury edge vapes LOL .. I'm good for a while , plus the carts I now use with the Batt mod
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  8. I'm currently looking very close at the new Starry 3.0, a few members here are using now
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    one thing I learned is to check for safe pathways , isolated from electronics plastic etc... lots of vapes pull in air over circuit boards ..
    edit - @Vee
    looks like an isolated air path there in the xmax v3, Kanthal coils however if that matters to you ...
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  10. I've read that
    The mouth piece can get a bit warm, but other than that I've read all good things because I was looking at either getting that or the POTV One as my next portable
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