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arhhhhh sad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 2, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. l think l just gave up on the dickheads at really pains me that the future yahookains will not know what we had .THANK you SJ.
  2. It has gone to far. I asked for you to be added as a moderator. I had no responce.

    I told them in order to get yahooka back the mods ware going to have to piss a few off and that we were going to have to back up the other mods. Again no real responce.

    I asked if the mods and admins wanted to get the site back to the way it was. 4 Mods are all for it. Others haven't replied as of yet.

    I don't think they care.

    The owner must be being paid for each post made..
  3. Yea fuckin yahooka is goin down theeeee drain.. :smoke: :smoking:
  4. that's beat... too bad. it coulda been something great.

    thanks to the mods for keeping this site on track. you're doing a kick ass job... thanks to the blades and bladies for not causing too much hassle for the mods too, LOL. :D

    keep up the good work guys.
  5. Critter and I stired a little shit over there it looks like. Those assholes treat people like shit, but they can't take it!
  6. Which mistake Critter. I know of at least five I made..LOL
  7. Hey my friend.. As you already know all hell is broke loose over there. Makes me happy to be a part of the city!

    2 Mods quit this evening. I'll have to see what the Admins are going to do before I completely quit. The way it's going though, I am going to resign my spot too.
  8. ive heard alot about this yahooka..never checked it out im curious...
  9. they arent accepting registrations :S
  10. They can't get four of their members to quit making new names so they can bash the mods and other members.

    I hope those assholes don't come over here when they finally get banned from over there.
  11. HIGH All, seen a few City posts there sooooooo they will soooon come.

    Come on people you can't just's shows they got the better and I can't believe that. Just can't go down to their level...we're surpose to be more mature. Ya-Hooka IS the laugh of the Marijuana community boards and it's too bad.

    They can slam All they want...time will get the better of them and when it comes to these boards it'a All I have..
  12. yeah, they won't last long if they come here. i can't see the city backing down to mear insults, we are better than that. plus we have effective mods.
  13. effective mods, and common sense...

    but most of all

  14. and lotsa mad bonghits go out to you mods..right now..big
  15. They can pass this site up. We love to censor BULL SHIT! And then ban the arseholes for starting it!

    The mods here love the members of it's community..

    It takes all of us to have a great community!

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