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Arguments that weed is benificial to anti-weed parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by huzi, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hello people,

    I'm in a bit of a tricky situation right now. I want to tell my parents that I smoke weed, but I need to get some good articles and arguments ready first. I have read a lot of articles but the thing is my parents are very anti-weed.

    This is because of my uncle - who apparently smoked weed and "got schizophrenia" from it. It's probably bullshit, I know, but what can I say to stop them from thinking that weed is so bad? To make it worse, my brother who is a pharmacist was talking about hashish and how one of his customers is addicted to it :/

    Do you guys know any professional-type articles that prove that weed doesn't cause things like schizophrenia, or proves that the chance of someone getting this is very low? Are there any other articles you could recommend?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Your uncle used the weed to medicate himself. They are drawing links incorrectly.
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    Have them watch: "The Union: The Business Behind getting High" first of all. My parents are so anti-weed that even that documentary couldn't fully persuade them but it is a very powerful movie in favor of Marijuana that provides loads of facts (you can find it on Youtube by the way).

    Do you have any legit medical conditions that you can use? I'm not saying you should make them up, but I have extreme anxiety and smoking Indicas seem to help tons for me.
  4. Have them watch an unmentionable video (Like the effects) then have them watch anything with a stoner in it, even the Olympics! (Michael Phelps aka most decorated olympian in the modern era), just show them that you can have weed and a future that's all they want you to have
  5. Aren't you the guy that tried to call me Doc for giving actual information? Tell them you like to stick your finger in your butt and this helps sate that urge.
  6. My advice is to not tell them you smoke weed, if they are so anti-weed. If they have very strong beliefs about it (and I bet they do, if they think your uncle got schizophrenia because of the weed), you probably won't be able to uproot those beliefs from their minds. They probably will have a very strong emotional reaction to you confessing the fact that you smoke, believing you will turn schizophrenic any day soon.

    My father came home one day just as I was smoking. I could have lied about exactly what I was doing outside on the balcony and still had a chance to get away with it. But what did I do instead? I wanted to be honest and admitted I had smoked weed, assuming that he would get angry with me. But his reaction exceeded widely my imagination. I almost got thrown out of the house, pushed around and told the most humiliating things I've ever heard in my whole life. Bear in mind that my father is an enlightened intellectual and he has admitted he really had wanted to take LSD when he was young, but couldn't find any in our (by then) communist country. And nobody in our family has ever had any mental health problems due to weed or other drugs (I'm the only druggie, as far as I can tell). And I had already told him beforehand about my intention to try out weed (it didn't register with him, as I found out later) and we had had many conversations about drugs where no strong negative bias appeared from his part...

    Now things are cool, but he doesn't know about my ongoing drug use anymore, he probably thinks I'm living a sober lifestyle. I regret having told him about it, since now I have to go to greater lengths to hide my highs, he might get suspicious even if he sees me avoiding eye contact.

    If you can smoke peacefully without your parents knowing, it's better that some things are kept to yourself. Before telling my father, I used to dream about a day when I could be honest with him about my psychoactive experiences and answer his questions about drugs. Now I only wish for what I had before telling him the truth about me & mary jane: the peace of mind and the relative ease to get high, even around him... This is something I have lost when I told him about him and it's greatly missed...
  7. Granny incoming!
  8. Ask them to have an educated discussion using legitimate sources, they won't have much in the way of arguments. How old are you though? They may bring up its bad for the developing brain, which hasn't been proven or disproven yet seems highly possible.

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