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  1. Hey guys I have to give a 5 minute speech and take 1 side of a controversial topic, she is only collecting my 3 sources needed for the speech so i don't really need to turn in a paper but want to write one to read off of. This is in my government class and has to somewhat be related.

    After my "speech" she's going to play devils advocate so i want to pick a topic ill have good reasons for and one that she cant say anything bad about.

    What do you guys think?

    Can't do gun control, abortion, gay marriage, (people already presented these)

    All i have so far is making recycling mandatory by law, only thing i can think she can say about that is that it would cost the city money and where are we gonna get that.
  2. You need to be able to have reasons for both sides?

    If you're into sports you can talk about salary caps, for or against them. Hell you could cite Moneyball and The Blind Side (the books, not the movie) when talking about a player's worth.
  3. no i just have to pick one side
  4. Pro's of Marijuana legalization (I mean.. we're on a weed forum aren't we?)
  5. Drfinitely weed legalization. It's a no-brainer
  6. Heres what you do. Go to the politics section of Grasscity, and browse topics that are interesting to you and has a lot of replies (more information for you). The topics discussed there are fairly interesting and are more worthwhile that doing Marijuana legalization, because to be honest who isn't going to be doing that? You want to be unique and outshine your peers :hello:
  7. yeah i def don't want to do legalization of weed, forgot to mention someone is already doing it so i can't
  8. euthanasia sanctioning(I think that's how you spell it)
  9. alot of people already presented so far and i forgot to mention euthanasia and the girl that did it fuckin owned teacher couldnt say anything. it cost more to kill that person than to hold him in prison for life, what do you guys think about my idea?
  10. Costs less. Especially in the long run. Feels good man :smoke:
  11. what feels good lol
  12. looks like im doing recycling... please change my mind lol

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