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  1. So I jut got done arguing wit my mom about how I'm not on I'm in da back under the patio sparking one lol
  2. TOo much detail man
  3. So you thought you'd start a thread?

    Remember: She maybe not always right, but she's always you're mom. Sorry, I just had to say that. But seriously, take good care of her; she won't be around forever.
  4. you are on weed though

    weed kills yo
  5. "On weed" lol. I love it!

    Bro if she has a problem with it just don't smoke it in (or in your case UNDER) her house. Simple as that. You can resist being high enough to wait until you're at a good location for it right???
  6. Jetsetter12 huh?

    are the letters at the end your age? Perhaps?
  7. ...if she doesn't want you smoking in or near her house, you should respect her enough to not do it. If you don't like that, get your own place.
  8. Hey,Dudes, be cool, man...

    Don't be pickin' on anybody...

    Let's just keep it nice and cool...

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