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Discussion in 'General' started by crusher101, May 8, 2006.

  1. so i was up my buddies cabin last night drinking around a fire and shit then the guy1 starts talking about shrooms with another guy2. one of em decided to say that the only reason you trip from shrooms is because its food poisoning... which i quickly dismissed. but then the other guy2 starts getting aggitated and saying that it is a poison that is still making you trip. i disagree with him again

    then guy1 says that they are poisonous because you can od on shrooms...

    i STRONGLY disagree with this guy and tell him i know my shit and that they arent right but its no biggie.

    guy2 starts saying that he has done shrooms and know what hes fucking talking about.

    i decided to just let that shit go and i said id show them proof some other time and i just dropped it

    i just thought id share with you
  2. yea it is a poison, but what isnt these days? muah muah muah.
  3. Yeah its a poison and you can OD.
  4. It really is a poison....the tripping is your body's reaction

  5. Are you sure about ODing? How much would you have to take, cause I know a guy who at an ounce and he was fine.
  6. im pretty sure its reallly really hard to od man. not saying its impossible if an extract were to be made.

    i bet you feel like a dumbass lol.

    smoke one.
  8. ya it's poison dude, like alchohol
  9. ....It is no more of a poison than LSD, or any other foriegn chemical that one ingests, really the whole "poison" debate is pure symmantics. Is it natural and healthy? no. Is it any more of a poison than caffiene? nope, not in my humble opinion. You guys really should go to They have alot of good information and reports, and one more thing, you can OD only slightly easier on shrooms as you can on Marijauna. The amount you would have to eat is rediculous.....
  10. "As a good psychedelic should, psilocybin, psilocin and psilocybian mushrooms have low toxicity -- in tests with mice, doses up to 200 mg of psilocybin/kg of body (in average human terms (65 kg) 13 grams) have been injected intravenously without lethal effects. The ED50 : LD50 ratio is 641 according to the NIOSH Registry of Toxic Effects; compare this with 9637 for vitamin A, 4816 for LSD, 199 for aspirin and 21 for nicotine. Poisoning, at least physically, is thus not a problem." --

    Like somebody else said, it's as much of a poison as alcohol or anything really... It all depends on what you consider to be a poison. Important note though: It's only slightly easier to overdose on magic mushrooms than it is on marijuana, which is near impossible, and it's not very hard at all to get alcohol posoining...

    I've never done shrooms, but this doesn't mean what I'm saying has no validity... it's information from + common sense. I plan on enjoying them soon... even within the month. There are hundreds and hundreds of cow fields all over here, so when it starts raining more often my friend and I are going picking. I can't wait. :]
  11. alls i know is that if you take alot you shit something firece the next day. enough for me to call it a poision

    and if u were to take that much in shrooms to OD, i think youd end up in a hospital because youd be skitzo or some other mental craziness.

    kid at school at 3 sheets in his pocket un bagged(LSD). it rained and they soaked through the kids skin. he didnt OD but he isnt the same. there is deffinatley something screwed up with his head. he twitches real bad now, slurs his speach, and doesnt have "normal thoughts"
  12. '

    Oh your school has that kid too:rolleyes:;)
  13. erowid said that absorbtion of lsd through the skin is minimally effective, if at all. then again, 3 sheets would probably do it.

    one friend of mine had taken an assload of acid (don't remember how much and the circumstances however), he said he tripped for 3 days straight. said it got boring after day 1.
  14. this one kid i know took 26 hits of acid, ended up in arizona and was eating a coyote (hes from new mexico), fucking insane shit


  15. ;)
  16. so you think apple juice is poison too?
  17. not sure if its true at all, but doesnt sound rediculous. ive heard that the chemicals in shrooms only indirectly cause you to trip. it was something like naturally occuring chemicals in youre brain are sectreted to help fight the poison in the shrooms, and its these that make you trip...

    dont spread that info around, as its likely false, but if anyone else has ever heard that, maybe youve got a bit more to say on it than i.

    and as far as i can tell, you can od on shrooms much like you could on weed. it maybe be possible im some rediculous amount, but no one will ever actually OD.
  18. intense

  19. if that really happened.. wow.. that is very intense
  20. if u get the shits like shrooms then yeah... same with taco bell

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