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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fuzzlepop, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I hate it when people do this, some guy I know well said he will drop me some bud of in 6 hours definitly. I was waiting looking forward to it then 6 hours later I phone asking where he is and he says hes out having dinner!!! so i ask is he still coming he says yes so i want another hour and phone back and he says he cant bring it tonite is tomorrow ok.... im pissed of right now:devious: i just hate people who say they are bringing it and dont!
  2. You do realzie that sometimes things come up that people need to do that are more important than delivering weed, right?
  3. this is very true..i mean there are thigns more important than it..but it still blows when your really lookin forward to it..and im shur you were thinkin about it for those 6 hours..then to wait that long for nothing is a bummer..sorry to hear that:smoking:
  4. yeah that sucks i hate dumby missions
  5. labor day weekend.
  6. look this guy has a life. u can't b mad at him for that. also, if ur gonna sit at home waiting 6 hours for weed than u should probly consider getting a life too.
  7. I dislike this reaction. If you choose to sell weed, then you should look at it like a business or job. If i don't show up to my job on time, I lose it. If my life gets in the way of my job, again I lose it. If you chose to take days off then just let people know... The worse thing for business is to get people's hopes up with promises and don't deliver.

    The best way to end this type of behavior is to never buy from the douche again... Maybe he will think twice next time. ;)
  8. If someone tells you they will come by by a certain time then they should. He has a right to be annoyed

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