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    My setup is in the mail, but it might be a day or two before my 400hps and tent stuff come. My question is whether the picture below will suffice for a couple of days. I planned out the timing of the germination process I thought perfectly, but one of my 7 plants popped up early. [​IMG]
  2. ya ull be fine for 2-3 days try not to go much longer than that or u cud end up hurting ur plants overalll growth ( ur plant wont die just might not grow as fast or to its full potential)
  3. good to know, this is just a bag seed in miracle grow anyway. the organic lemon haze haven't popped up yet, luckily
  4. you should be okay -- but get that light closer!! You want CFLs to be about 2" from the plant... especially at this age. If the plant is too far from the light (specifically CFLs) it will stretch the stem towards the light - when they are this small, it doesn't take much for the stem to become too long to support the top heavy leaves - then the plant falls over, and it's a loss.

    Also, get a small oscillating fan on the plant to help move bulb heat away from the plant, and to encourage the plant to develop a strong stem.
  5. i got my lights today. i'm hooking that shit up now, and i'll post a pic. i don't get my tent setup until next week, but i'll throw a fan down.
  6. so I don't get my tents and vents until Friday Jan 29th. So I'm using my 400w HPS, in a big white walled closet. I have foxfarm potting soil to transfer them to, and right now they are in an organic seed starter mix.

    the hps is about 15.5 inches from the plant. I can't get a fan until tomorrow (i know, i'm a douch, but they sprouted days before I thought they would, from seed to sprout was only 3 days). Is this hella too far away? If I moved it any closer they'll burn, because they are sitting around 85 degrees with a 42% humidity.

    Here is a pic....

  7. be careful with seedlings under a HPS. I threw a couple under mine and within a day they were 4 inches tall.

    I'd much rather grow seedlings under CFLs which keep them under 2 inches for several weeks.

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