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ARGH! I think i've been abducted!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. i woke up this morning with a strange perfectly straigt cut about 3 inches about my knee, its about an inch long

    how the hell could it get there?! ok i go uder my camper to work on it but i couldn't have got a cut that far up from kneeling or being under it, im kinda freaked out to be honest
  2. Suppose that would freak you out :p
  3. You have been violated by Dr. Dre.

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  4. please starting making something close to sense.

    an who knows, coulda been anything....i get cuts all the time that i dont know how i got them or where they came fro... shit happens, you live through it, meh. :)
  6. well i was baked last night and thought they;d come back as i watched a plane flying past and suddenly turn towards me, lol.

    but anyway, cant get a pic no web cam, if anything its proberly my campers fault as i spent 3 or 4 days unfer it recently, fixing the brakes and heating(brrr) maybe the campers why i got abducted lol

    give this link to anybody and everybody who is interested in aliens. i don't know if it's true. i try not to rule things like this out simply as fiction.

    all i can say is.. this website, written by Nancy (the human ambassador to the Zetans[from the Zeta Reticuli star system]) is filled with interesting things to read. and some of it is even quite convincing.

  8. well as an anuian of corse i beleive in aliens, lol they created us but tried to wipe us out crazy little things
  9. i think humans were genetically engineered. a mix of ape genes and whatever humanoid aliens came down and did the job.

    for what purpose... i know not. maybe we were bred as slaves? maybe they looked at this planet and saw it would be nice to have some little hybrids running around saying Ug!

    i think that many of the ancient gods were simply visitors from another planet who brought with them civilisation and technology. but of course us wee primitive ape-men would think that they're gods.

  10. i know why, you can make anti grav engines with gold, they needed gold mining so they made us, which is why they're are pits that are thousands of years old round gold filled areas. then when they left they flooded the planet(the jesus ppeps nicked this for noahs ark) lol, i aint talk bout this for ages
  11. Do what nobles in feudal japan did to protect themselves from asassins; make all of the floors in your house extremely squeaky. Unless they can float (ooooh scary) they won't get by without waking you up.

  12. dig it

  13. hmmm sqeaky floorboards? interesting thorey. i think i just swallowed that danglily thing at the back of my mouth, thats how in awe i was, but back the the topic, if they did abduct me they dont want me anymore. crazy aliens abduct me?! i'll show them whos boss

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