arggg, when will it come??

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  1. I'm in the U.S. and ordered some seeds from about 3 weeks ago. I have not recieved it yet. I want to know who ordered seeds from them thats in the the U.S. and how long did it take you?
  2. no i had to send Money order becuase paypal was down for them. it is still down for them i think.
  3. I am still waiting for their Paypal to be up. I do not see the reason why they can't set up a NEW account. OMFG. It's that simple.

    If I were the owner of, i would take action immediately to cut down the losses from other seed companies.

    I know it sucks to wait....but all I can say is:

    Add another 5 months from germination to harvesting....It'll be next April or May before you harvest, be it indoor or outdoor....unless you are going for Hydro, 3 months should suffice...

    You could try Canadian Medical Seeds which is located in BC, Vancouver. They have paypal setup just 3 days back. Smart move by them....Tons of strains for US $ 20 for 10 seeds. I do not wanna list the website in case it gets taken off. They just listed a few more strains - very beautiful stuff I could not see on SD.

    One more question: Why is there a post advertising a new seed bank from Netherlands and CMS's site got taken off? Awefully strange if you ask me. They've got 2 postive feedback since he posted the thread.

    Good luck in your growing....remember not to take seeds for granted....My first time, I managed to sprout them.....This time, I just wasted almost US $ 180 worth of seeds and all of them died on me... at 1 inch....fried seems that the more expensive your soil gets, the more chance of the little ones dying...

    That's my 2 cents....

    Wavy Gravy
  4. I ordered seeds from this company. i live in the UK and I sent cash. It took 5 weeks for my seeds to come. The guy said there was delays on all orders at that time. To be fair they did send some free seeds along with my order.
  5. so did u get the seeds yet???????
  6. I got my seed order today. I'd been waiting 3 weeks so I was really happy to see the envelope in the mail. Only when I started to open it up I noticed a tear in the bottom... it wasn't an accidental rip -- someone took 'em out.

    I guess that's just the chance you take.

    But... it still sucks.
  7. yeah I ordered seeds from SD also and havent recieved them yet either. I had paid extra for delivery tracking it left the us on the 23 of october and nothing yet thay say give them a month for usa orders but I sent my global express so they had gotten it in like 4 days and shit. SO i dont know to many people complainng about the same shit might be better to pay a litle extra for seeds at emery site woody said he recommends them anyway dont know why but woody is the guru of the cannabis growing so.....
  8. What's this "emery site"?
  9. emery sucks.. try heaven's stairway in canada and u.s.

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