Arested and they let me walk!?

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  1. So last night i was zooted and shit and flew by a cop goin 60 in a 40. i had my sack, my case of prerolls, my scale and all my baggies. I Dont wan't so incriminate myself anymore but you know whats up :cool:

    i had 21.8 in total on me, the cop cuffed me, took me in fingerprinted me and put me in a cell. im lucky because i got rid of a half and about 8 pre rolls right before i dipped otherwise i woulda been lookin at a felony and a nice stretch.

    anyways, next thing i know im walkin out with a ticket for goin 5 over and a posession charge with no court which will go away eventually,

  2. Police generally don't care about Marijuana, it shouldn't be a priority for them and here in the UK it isn't (not in comparison to cocaine). Don't think you got off completely free though. You're still likely to have a record for possession until it's scrapped which damages your chances at getting a well paid job.
  3. Why did you let your weed get into that piglets hand?? Why didn't you take the speeding ticket and smash out. Part of your story is missing
  4. They didn't want to do long paperwork, you must of been polite.

    Read OP's grammar, do you forsee high paying career? Lol
  5. You'll most likely get a pretrial diversion if it's your first time.

  6. :laughing:
  7. congratulations, i know the feeling lol. Got caught going 82 in a 50 and i ran a light with like an 8th on me. Luckily i got to keep all my paraphanalia and pieces , had to step on the weed and got ticket for the light.

    They put your number in a cell eh?
  8. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']They didn't want to do long paperwork, you must of been polite.

    Read OP's grammar, do you forsee high paying career? Lol[/quote]

    look at Op's actions, no career

  9. Whoa, guys! Maybe he's a.....or what if he was planning on going to.....well he could at least.....nvm you're right.
  10. Well, it looks like you got lucky somewhere along the line.

    Good for you!

  11. must have*
  12. You guys are tearing this dude up damn
  13. I like cops that do that

    happened to me
  14. There is no such thing as a possession charge without court in MI. What is the charge?
  15. damn op what city?
  16. He told the cops where he got it when they asked him DO YOU WANT TO STAY HERE OR GO HOME and he sed I I I WA WA TO G G GO HOMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  17. Haha don't rat out nobody maaaannn. Thats for chumps. They ever ask u got it from sum ***** on da street who asked u if u wanted to see god. Being the devout christian that I am, ofcourse I told the polite ***** that I wanted to see god, and paid the man sixty of my dollars. I then proceeded to smoke the fucking shit out of it.

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    Of course i didn't snitch. I was polite with the officer because i knew i was fucked.

    As for the people trying to rag on me, I'd like to meet about half of you ''good grammar'' using blades in real life. FuckBeerGetWeed and MaxAmmo (SUCH AWZUM NAME), It's Funny how you guys think your the shit because of those green little bars (which i have the same ammount of without being a post count whore) and that number next to your name. Oh and lets not forget about this cool cat Stoneheir. It's the people like you i hang up on when they call and ask me for a bag..:wave:
  19. ^lol I see just as many or more 'grammar nazis' with like 1 or 2 bars and <500 posts. way to single out the group of people who have been here the longest though.

    Gotta pick a fight with the biggest guy out of the crowd that way if you get fucked up nobody laughs at you.
  20. We get it.. You sell weed. Not impressed.

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