aren't parties fun?

Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, Apr 9, 2004.


arent parties cool?

  1. yes, parties rock!

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  2. no dude, parties suck!

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  3. my life is a party!

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  4. what's a party?

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  1. i love nothing more than a mad party, at someone elses house so i dont have to worry about shit getting broken.
    anyway i went to this mad party on wednesday/thursday, got hella stoned. my mate made this fuckin huuuge spliff, was great. oo an this guy dropped his fone and the screen smashed, it was a well expensive one, we were all really stoned an couldnt stop laughing at him.

    just thought id share all that with u lovely people ;)
  2. some parties.....i aint much of a party a lazy peacefull stoner.....i would rather stay at home wit a couple good homies and smoke till i choke, instead of goin to a party and wastin my bud on others......
  3. oh yeah, dont get me wrong, stayin home an chillin with just 1 or 2 others is even cooler sometimes.
    it was great there tho, one of my mates smoked me out cuz i had nothin.
  4. parties that dont have cops show up are fun... but then again i dont know many parties without cops always eventually shutting it down...

    i never bring bud to parties, or even go to one stoned. im all tired and spaced out usually if im stoned. i break out the beer for those!

  5. damn, im the total opposite.....i dont like alcohol, so im always stoned at parties....the only thing to do, instead of tryin to get bitches.....
  6. Yea, gotta love parties.
  7. i went to one shitty party a week ago(i think). All it was was a lot of people crammed into a basement with no music and only a bunch of beer. i didn't really know anyone there except for around 5 people. 4 of us just left and chilled at a coffee time cause we were bored.

  8. Well if you got yourself some alcohol EVERYONE is your friend!
  9. pot - i dont like in parties.
    booze - i love it. makes me confident.
    pill - ultimate. makes you feel in tune, loved up, music sounds spiritual... comedown sucks tho
  10. pot booze and pills at a party makes the night all the more longer and a much more harder party.
  11. i luv parties. Every one i go to there are always girls drunk out of their minds, which makes things a little bit more interesting ;)

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