Arent my plants a little bit too small for their age?

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  1. Hello guys!
    I just wanted to ask if my plants arent a little bit too small for their age, they are 17 days old autoflowers.
    The strain is Skunk No.1 Auto from Sensi Seeds.
    Yesterday i was going though instagram and i found some guy that was growing indoor and his plant was crazy big!! like 20 cm (7,8inches) and was only 17 days old. Compared to mine that are probably only like 8-9cm tall i was really shocked. Here are some pics. Also i had problems with spidermites on one of them, but its okey now. Its my first outdoor grow ever.

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  2. Yes they are quite small for 17 days old. Adding 30% perlite to your soil would have helped them grow faster.
    These two autos are 21 days from sprout for a comparison.
    3 weeks auto.JPG
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Damn, thats pretty sad to see. You have some beautifull plants! Anyways. Lets hope i will at least get 1/4 ounce from each plant at the end:D
  4. To me, they look great for 17 days old, good job. But like MickFoster said, I would definitely add some perlite to your mix when you next up-pot your plants because the more uncompressed that your soil is will allow the plants to grow a much healthier root system, which will always result in faster growing plants!
  5. Like @MickFoster said - Adding perlite is a must for root development and growth.
    Good luck mate
  6. Thanks for the tips, but theese are my final pots. They are 3,7 gal pots and one 2,6gal pot. But im planning on running two more flowers Amensia Auto Cbd from dinafem. So i will for sure add perlite into the soil!! Any tips where i can get it? Like garden suplies shop or something?
  7. You can get it anywhere really. Just rinse it off first as there’s sometimes a lot of dust in perlite.
    I would transplant those into better soil imho.
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  8. Any garden centre mate - I would also as mentioned above use a decent soil like BioBizz Light - Watch your girls take off! Good luck
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  9. Okey, thanks for the tips. This is some universal garden soil i bought. Where i live its pretty hard to find any type of coco or slow release type mediums
  10. I'm a soil grower mate and you don't want any slow release nutes in your soil - Anything like Miracle Grow should be avoided mate, as it usually becomes too hot for the plant and will burn it / reduce yields etc and mess it up generally. You just want a ORGANIC soil - look on Amazon (Biobizz range) or a good John Innes soil will do the trick - The more organic, the better! You got this. @Progrouk
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  11. I like that..... The more organic the better.....

    That's why I build my own soil, better then any bag I've bought and just keeps getting better and better.
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