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Discussion in 'General' started by LongIslandBlunt, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. i was reading the post about watching south park and buying a gram to smoke for it tonight, which made me think hey i should go buy a gram. so i did, and afterward i drove around my neighborhood for 20 minutes and smoked a bowl. i found an unsuspicious spot and parked my car, so i could light a stog, put the clear eyes in, etc. this car goes right by me at like 5 mph with led zeppelin blasting and 3 kids hitting a blunt with smoke coming out the windows. i wanted to wave at them or yell hey at them but i was too high, and they just missed hitting this guy walking his dog. but anyway it just is nice to see fellow stoners doing the same thing i was doing. now its time to smoke more
  2. Yeah it's nice to see people committing a DUI and almost Vehicular Manslaughter....

    But yeah, I've seen friends and other people smokin' on cruises.
  3. i saw someone hitting they're pipe at a red light earlier this week on my way to work..he was right next to me, shit was pretty crazy cause i was about to light my bowl at the same time too haha. i rev'd (go rice burner ride) my engine a lil to get his attention and did the 'cheer's motion with my pipe and he did it back.:cool: we both got a good laugh then hit our bowl lol
  4. ya dude i love that like i rolled up to this parking lot where a ton of ppl hang out...and like unexpectedly i saw these guys smoking a bowl just right there and since iw as baked i started talking to them found out i i knew them and shit i just didnt rmemeber cuz i was high haha and i actually ended up matching them w/ a few of my friends it was tight
  5. after work I went to the guy at the store beside me and kind of hinted that I had a joint to smoke and wanted to know if he wanted some after.

    so I jumped in his van and we drove around smoking it. we pulled up to a van and didn't notice it untill after but a bunch of little kids were watching us in the back seat hitting our joint..


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